Should you upgrade from the LG G6 to Pixel 2?

There have been a lot of great smartphones this year, but because devices such as the Galaxy S8 and iPhone X tend to steal a good chunk of the limelight, it can be easy to let a lot of other solid devices slip under your radar. For a lot of people, the LG G6 was one such phone.

You can now pick up the G6 for as little as $399 if you know where to look, and for that price, you're getting one heck of a phone. Along with its 18:9 display and minimal bezels, the G6 also features a solid dual-camera setup, slick design, and snappy performance.

However, as great of a deal as the phone currently is, spending a bit more cash to get the Pixel 2 just might be worth it. Here's what some of our forum users had to say.

I didn't mind my G6 when I had it... except for the camera. In low light and even mild light I had issues with some major lag/blur. Other then that it was fun (especially the wide angle lens). If I had a choice though my Pixel 2 XL would be my choice still simply due to updates + better camera performance.


I can certainly understand how you are feeling, OP. With all the great phones out there, it's so hard to land and stick with just one. The G6 is awesome but yes, the Pixel 2 series... That's an amazing lineup of phones. The Pixel 2 (smaller version), to my knowledge, does not have the screen issues that some Pixel 2 XL's have. I'm in the mixed camp when it comes to the Pixel 2 XL. Yes,...


G6 was my wife's favorite phone and I think she still kind of prefers it over the Pixel 2xl. But that's her, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

Jeremiah Bonds

G6 was one of the worst flagships I have owned this year, crappy front facing camera and software. Even Samsung software is 1000 times better than what LG puts. LG is just a wanna be Samsung. If you are coming from G6 Pixel 2 is like a great upgrade. I know G6 gets lots of praise mostly it's priced low and everyone seems to have sympathy for LG because it's an underdog. But personally not a big...


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