Should you buy an extended warranty for the PS5?

Ps5 Closeup Faceplate Sony
Ps5 Closeup Faceplate Sony (Image credit: Jennifer Locke / Android Central)

Best answer: No. The PS5 includes a one-year warranty directly from Sony at no charge. You can also get an extended 90 days warranty beyond the initial year if you register your console.

Should you buy an extended warranty for PS5?

Unless you are highly accident-prone, you likely don't need to take out an extended warranty on your PS5. It's understandable why you'd want to: due to high demand, it's very difficult to buy a PS5 right now and depending the type of console you get — a regular PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition — you'll be making a $400 to $500 investment.

With that in mind, you are most likely fine without getting any sort of extended warranty. Your PS5 comes with a one-year warranty by default, meaning you'll have a decent window of time to check for any major hardware problems or defects. While there's a full list of PlayStation 5 errors and other issues, most of these just need a simple fix.

Additionally, you can get a 90-day extension on your PS5 warranty at no extra charge. Just register your PS5 within the initial one-year warranty and you'll have 90 more days of full coverage once the first year ends.

Be sure to take care of your PS5, providing adequate ventilation and positioning it safely wherever you've chosen to set it up. 2021 is shaping up to be a busy year for PS5 owners, with games like Horizon Forbidden West and a new God of War to look forward to.

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