Screenshot shows Motorola Cliq running Android 2.1

First things first, these screen shots are really easy to fake. Ridiculously easy. With that out of the way, it looks like a settings screen shot is showing a T-Mobile Motorola Cliq running Android 2.1. As in the 2.1 you guys hope and dream for. We know that Motorola has planned for the Cliq to get Android 2.1 in Q2 2010 sometime but as all Android users who've been waiting for 2.1 know, you never really know until the update is right there on your phone waiting to download. Maybe it's T-Mobile and Motorola testing it out? Or a rogue user finding a way to update himself. Hopefully it's coming soon. Because by the end of today, you guys will all be clamoring for 2.2. What a vicious cycle. [android community]

Casey Chan