Whether you’re planning a month-long trip abroad or storing your bulky winter clothes in preparation for warmer days, space is a premium. If you find yourself running out of space when storing soft items in your luggage or closet, this Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit is the perfect solution, and it’s currently on sale for just $29.

With the Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit, you can pack soft items such as winter coats, pillows, and blankets into the included vacuum bags. The vacuum pump will remove the excess air from the bags, reducing the volume of your goods by up to 70% and allowing you to store them safely and efficiently into your closet or luggage. Additionally, the pump also protects your items by removing moisture, mildew, and odors, so your goods will remain as fresh as the day you stored.

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No one looks forward to packing for trips or stuffing items as the seasons change, but the Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit will make storing items much easier for $29, or 58% off.

Prices are subject to change.

Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit - $29

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