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Saturday Night Live pokes fun at Verizon's 4G LTE advertising

If you tuned into Saturday Night Live, you may have caught them poking some fun at Verizon Wireless and their 4G LTE commercials. When you watch the skit, it really makes no sense what they are trying to convey in the message but for those who dig sarcasm -- that's kind of the point.  Carriers have gone a little crazy with their commercials these days seemingly conveying very little real information in them and instead, opting to just toss out fancy names and brag about coverage they may or may not have. It's a pretty hilarious clip, so enjoy if you missed it.

Source: NBC; Via: The Verge

  • I didn't find it very funny at all. I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus and make better jokes about their 4G on a daily basis.
  • I do too, but then I think about the competition and feel ok with it. Kinda sad, though.
  • Interesting. I have FiOS and LTE...I've tested my LTE to have up/down speeds just as fast as my WiFi.
  • No FiOS here so I'm stuck with cable. 15Mb/1Mb at home...LTE gives me around 7Mb/7Mb with 2-3 bars. I'm convinced that the upload on LTE isn't even close to 7Mbs in a real world scenarios and closer to 1Mbs. Either way...It's plenty fast for streaming video and controlling my home PC without any stuttering...considerably better than 3G
  • I didn't find it funny, but I enjoyed hearing Galaxy Nexus twice haha
  • they should have made fun of the droid branding too.
  • They did.
  • "We're sorry, but the clip you selected isn't available from your location. Please select another clip"
    meh, It ain't worth YouTubeing it
  • "Hilarious" and "Saturday Night Live" in the same sentence? Surely you jest.
  • Wow! Something from SNL that's not funny. There's a shocker(that's how you do sarcasm btw)
    Sad part is the guy playing the sales rep seems to know more than 99% of actual sales reps for Verizon.
  • I think that was the funny part. I have never heard a Verizon rep be so well versed in all of it's offerings!
  • "Verizon, it's an old persons nightmare", that part cracked me up.
  • haha I was shocked at their accuracy in facts. I had not even heard of the LG Vortex.
  • That's because it's a phone that was released in 2010... AKA, not 4G and not exciting at all.
  • I find it funny because most smartphones they had in the video were actually AT&T phones
  • I haven't watched SNL since the days of Sandler, Farley & Spade.....and this confirms why. There is a big difference between "being funny" and trying to "act funny"
  • The LG Vortex is a 3G phone. Other than that, not bad.
  • That was hilarious.
  • I found it very funny and so real. It's says something about the people who buy from this carrier, like fruit-heads(Apple). As I've observed on this site, V-nuts get boners about anything Verizon and taking every opportunity to piss on AT&T. Really, do people go for their dumb commercials of late on their (Macho, Hip-Hop, Testosterone-branded)phones? And the claim that they have the most reliable network? They built the cheapest network, CDMA. It's the kind of network that only allows you to talk or surf but not both at the same time. It's like someone telling you, you can only urinate or crap but not both at the same time. Their rational on this is the best way to do things, sounds Steve Jobs. I've been on this site for at least 2 years and it reeks of Verizon. I tried this wonderful carrier for 6 months Oct-2010 through July 2011. I used their Incredible and Thunderbolt, speaking for the South Texas region, coverage isn't what I expected as per their advertising and we were one of the first regions to have 4G LTE. Also, this SH-- of not being able to surf and talk got old quick. Add to that, they have some of the most unfriendly consumer policies in the industry. Customer service, store or phone was sub-par and even antagonistic. I think there a lot of under 30, maybe even under 20, that haven't gotten outside their sandbox here who just talk smack.
  • I can talk and surf on 3G via my HTC ReeeZound.
  • Or Thunderbolt!!! :P
  • And I can do it on my Bionic!
  • Over LTE may be, but not possible over 3G.
  • Actually it is very much possible on all the phones mentioned above. Go to a store and turn off 4G on the Rezound or Bionic. Start a phone call and open the browser. I'll wait humbly for you to tell me I'm wrong.
  • Thunderbolt, Rezound, and LG Spectrum are currently the ONLY phones on Verizon that can do simultaneous voice and data on 3G. The Bionic can do it over LTE or Wi-Fi, but not 3G.
  • Actually, pick up any HTC Thunderbolt, Disable LTE and give it a shot fella :)
  • "It's like someone telling you, you can only urinate or crap but not both at the same time. " Wow, you're quite the multitasker. You might want to see a doctor about that.
  • I am leaving you a voicemail while replying to your post.....AS I take a crap....which I'm simultaneously urinating on. I don't even have a phone. This just sounded like fun. THANKS!
  • It wasn't not funny by SNL standards...but, it is funny because it's true (I chuckled a bit to myself). Go into any V store (or pretty much any other carrier) and the reps simply regurgitate the same line over and over without actually providing a potential buyer with any useful information.Or simply BS them because they know that the guy/girl doesn't know any better. Random acronyms, hollow statistics, and small print is what it's all about.
  • Wow, lots of butthurt VZW fanboys up in here. That was hilarious!
  • I love sarcasm, but that skit was incredibly lame. SNL jumped the shark a long time ago. Too bad MadTV isn't on anymore, was so much better! :(
  • Sorry such a sad person. I can talk and surf the net at same time. Get your facts right b4 you right a long article of your emotions.
  • VZW cannot talk & surf at same time, sorry misinformed-but apparently, taking their carrier Very personally, one. Supposedly, the Thunderbolt can on 3G though.
  • For the record, the Thunderbolt and Rezound are currently the ONLY phones on Verizon that can do simultaneous voice and data whether on 3G or LTE. :) Edit: apparently the LG Spectrum can as well.
  • I found it a little funny. It really does amaze me that when you go into these retail stores how the sales associates really don't listen to what the customer says and they basically repeat the same shit like robots.
  • They should've made a skit about the lame Droid commercials! Or about crap blowing up all over from the Rezound one. Or how about the "circle of ex-girlfriends" in the Galaxy Nexus one? Seriously, who maintains contacts of ex-girlfriends (a pimp)??? C'Mon man!
  • SNL has gotten pretty bad over the past 3-4 years. I bet they went to Verizon / Samsung / LG / and HTC and said will give you advertising if you could pay our paychecks this week.
  • They misspelled XYBOARD as ZYBOARD (not that I blame them, it's a stupid name).
  • You mean SNL is still on TV. Wow, now that is incredible!
  • I HATE SNL with a passion. I'm a diehard MADtv fan. Anyway, this is obviously a paid-by-Verizon sketch. SNL used their logo and branding.
  • They must have not been in a Verizon store in awhile. Seems the only thing they want to sell are icants by crapple....Even though it COSTS them money. What a dumb company, THANKFULLY I waited to see how LTE worked out before investing in them. Seriously, who invests in a company that takes steps to make less
  • The iPhone brought in ATT customers, thats where the profit and incentive came from to get the iPhone. It was a long term investment that makes perfect business sense.
  • The most humorous part of that sketch is also the most accurate: the ending tagline. "Verizon. It's an old person's nightmare." People like us know what the heck Bill Hader is talking about. Our parents? Not so much.
  • If you notice, a lot of the phones in the pictures are not even Verizon. I saw a Samsung Captivate and an HTC Vivid. If you look closely you can see them and a couple of other non-Verizon devices.
  • What about this one?
  • I have VZW and found the skit hysterical..
  • I thought it was funny.
  • who gives a shit if the phones mentioned are not the must have ones, or if the carrier doesnt offer them. this was meant to be funny not a marketing or financial meeting. names where just thrown out. i think this is obvious??
  • it was mildly funny at best, though I do notice that in their commercials they never tell you what 4G makes better, just that it's faster, probably because the best uses for it will make you go over their pitiful caps in a few hours, I have Verizon 4G grandfathered unlimited and I love it. The only really funny part was Verizon a nightmare for old people.
    Most people don't even know what the term 4G means, that's why you have iphone users with a 4S thinking they have a 4G phones.
  • I thoght it was pretty funny. I've never seen that level of enthusiasm from the Verizon reps, but have seen them talking way over older people's heads. I've always loved those SNL fake commercials.
  • That was kinda funny.
  • meh, but I liked the Thunderbolt shout-out LOL
  • I thought it was very funny, great stuff, I would bet that Verizon is even laughing at themselves after that. That little skit might be to make fun of Verizon but it is also great advertisement.
  • Best part was when he held up the glass of orange juice and said this is your 3G network..
  • It's about time someone started to make fun of Verizon's commercials.
  • That was very very funny.
  • soooooo true
  • My favorite part was when the salesperson said that the 4G LTE network was Verizon's fastest, most reliable 4G network. Why is that funny? Because it's their ONLY 4G network!!! I am currently a Verizon customer and won't apologize for their crappy customer service but this kind of stuff (fast talking sales people who don't know what they're talking about or purposely give inaccurate/false info) goes on with EVERY provider. When I was with AT&T, I had a salesperson tell me that one of their "4G" smartphones would be fully able to take advantage of their 4G LTE network when it was available in my area. When I got home I did some research online and discovered that the phone didn't even have an LTE radio and would only be able to access the HSPA+ network.