Samsung's Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ will go on sale on September 18 from $650

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ last at Unpacked last month.
  • Today, the company shared a release date.
  • They'll go on sale from September 15 starting at a $650 price point.

Samsung today announced the street dates for the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+. Both were introduced with the Galaxy Note 20 at Unpacked last month, and they'll be going on sale from September 18th, through you'll be able to pre-order from September 2nd.

The cheaper Tab S7 will set you back $649.99 for the W-iFi variant, while the Tab S7+ will add $200 to bring it to $849.99 Samsung is offering a pre-order bonus of 50% off the keyboard for customers who make the plunge early. Should you opt for the sim enabled, 5G-capable models, you'll be able to get those from AT&T, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon, and on September 18.

The Tab S7 series are powerful tablets, sporting Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865, beautiful 120Hz OLED displays, with both S Pen and Dex support to power your productivity. While we haven't run a full review on these, at first glance Android Central's Joe Maring was impressed by the hardware, although he didn't find the software so compelling despite Samsung's best efforts:

When it comes to the hardware of the tablet, it's nothing short of amazing. From the display, processor, S Pen, and more, Samsung put a lot of work into ensuring the Tab S7+ is worth its high asking price. Sadly, a lot of that hard work is hard to appreciate when the operating system at its core just doesn't work all that well. I'm hoping I can get a better appreciation for the Galaxy Tab S7+ after I get to use it for a bit longer, but until then, I'll leave you with that.

Galaxy Tab S7 Plus With Keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

The hardware of this device is — like everything Samsung makes in this price range — rather brilliant. It's the software where we suspect people may falter. Samsung does give it a good go, and the Snapdragon 865, 120Hz display, and other impressive hardware specs may be enough to overcome that.

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  • " Sadly, a lot of that hard work is hard to appreciate when the operating system at its core just doesn't work all that well."
    I'm always amazed by this comment by writers on this site. I've owned a Pixel Slate, and now have a Tab S4. i returned the Slate, not because of hardware (loved that part), but because Chrome OS is worthless. And you guys always fawn over it. I have zero issues using Android tablets, yet you guys always complain about it. Chrome OS seems to just be an expanded Chrome browser, which itself is good, with another OS to back it up! Adding Android apps helped, but isn't enough.