Note 7

It's been two months since Samsung officially terminated the Note 7, but an estimated 10% of devices sold in Europe are yet to be returned to the manufacturer. In a bid to further dissuade customers from using the phone, Samsung announced that it will roll out a software update to all Note 7 devices in the UK that will limit the battery charge to 30%:

As part of our absolute focus on customer safety, from 15th December, all Galaxy Note 7 devices will receive a new battery software update that will limit the maximum charging capacity to 30 percent. This software update is designed to further minimise customer risk and reinforce to customers to replace their device through the Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Programme as soon as possible.

Samsung is taking drastic measures to ensure that it retrieves the remaining Note 7 units in the wild. Note 7 devices in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada are being cut off from accessing cellular and Wi-Fi networks, and Samsung is rolling out an update to U.S. units that will prevent them from charging and connecting to networks, eliminating their ability "to work as mobile devices."

Samsung Galaxy Note 7


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