Samsung has sued Huawei for allegedly infringing on six of its patents, seeking damages of ¥161 million ($24.1 million) and pushing for Huawei to end production and sales of the Mate 8 and select Honor phones. The lawsuit is the latest in an ongoing battle between the two companies in China.


In May, Huawei filed a lawsuit against Samsung in which it said that the South Korean manufacturer used its 4G communications, operating systems, and user interface software patents without a prior license. At the time, Samsung said that it would "take appropriate action to defend its business interests," including launching a counter-suit against Huawei.

Earlier this month, Huawei responded once again with a new lawsuit to the tune of $12 million, claiming that Samsung infringed on its patents on recent devices like the Galaxy S7 edge.

It looks like today's litigation from Samsung is its way of countering Huawei's claims from earlier this month. In a statement to Reuters, a Samsung spokesperson said:

Despite our best efforts to resolve this matter amicably, it has regrettably become necessary to take legal action in order to defend our intellectual property.

WIth both brands ready to tussle it out, it looks like this is the beginning of yet another lengthy patent litigation in the smartphone segment.