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Samsung responds: 'Not charging carriers for Froyo updates'

The number of anonymous and unconfirmed "reasons" for the amount of time it's taking the U.S. Galaxy S phones to get their upgrades to Android 2.2 seems to grow every day. And the leading theory thus far has been from a post at XDA that claims Samsung is charging carriers more for the upgrade than they're willing to pay. (There's also that crackpot tip that Samsung was holding Froyo "hostage" as to not cannibalize sales of the unannounced Vibrant 4G. Yes, we've seen them all.)

But tonight, Samsung responded to Phonescoop, saying unequivocally:

"No. Samsung is not charging carriers for Froyo updates to Galaxy S. We hope to have more detail on status shortly. Promise!"

So it's time to put the tinfoil hats back on and bombard our inboxes once again with the latest unsourced, anonymous theory. But we'll throw this out and see if it floats: Perhaps it's just taken Samsung and the U.S. carriers that long to get their ducks in a row to make sure everything works, and everybody will shut up and smile once the updates hit, and start bitching about Gingerbread instead.  [Phonescoop]

  • Stop wasting time telling people what your "doing" and do it.
  • pr =/= software
  • they're not.. they're wasting time telling people what they AREN'T doing
  • Here's and idea, throw out touch wiz (it's trash any way) and push out stock 2.2. you could have that done in under a week!
  • Just like the N1 with gingerbread, oh wait. Drivers take longer than a week and the "stock" G2 isn't up to date either. Also, this is held up in the US for a reason that has 0 to do with TW.
  • On some levels I kind of feel for Samsung. I mean, they got Froyo out to everyone else in a reasonable amount of time (well Canada took a while but still). But in the market where everyone is watching to see if they mess up again, Samsung just can't do it. There must be something holding them back. In my opinion, this is either the fault of the carriers, or a combination of Samsung and the carriers, but I really can't believe that this is all on Samsung.
  • It is Samsung. It is beyond unlikely that all 4 US carriers are simultaneously to blame for this. NO way ... Froyo was announced, when, last MAY? so a few more months and they would have had A YEAR to get it coded. Nah, clearly more testing time is needed ... Yeah right....
  • Why does every other Galaxy S outside the US have Froyo? Why do all the regional carrier Galaxy S phones have Froyo? Something doesn't add up.
  • No arguing that something doesn't add up, agreed. I just would like someone to explain to me how it is NOT Samsung if ALL of the US carriers haven't released it yet. If the problem is not Samsung, but a specific carrier (or 2), then one would think at least 1 carrier would have dropped 2.2 by now, right? It seems near impossible to believe that all 4 could be this bad on such a high profile , high-end phone. (well maybe AT&T could be this bad, but the rest too, altogether? :-)
  • The most likely reasons seems to be a combination of the big 4 and Samsung. Samsung on their own seemed to get the updates out ok.
  • I'm not expert, but I think more than part of the problem lies in 2 fold, you can also recognize this in how similar different areas have longer hold outs. First, hardware. The U.S. has different hardware, so the drivers are different, even when you have less hardware once you remove some drivers that you program for the initial 40% of your customers extra testing has to go in. Next, networks. The U.S. has, not only different networks than the rest of the world, but for the most part different from each other. Therefore, as you get closer to the same of the mentioned reasons, you get an update that roles out faster. I think the last of the Samsung updates may be the Epic 4G, sorry Sprint customers.
  • May 2010. That's when Google released Froyo code. Do we all think that is enough time for Samsung to code any and all hardware/drivers, etc?
  • You do have some good points, drivers can b hard to make for.hardware. Only thing is, example: Rogers released official froyo for their Captivate about a week ago, within a few days devs on xda had already ported it for at&t's Captivate. It has to be something business related for the US carriers
  • did/does any galaxy S phones outside of the US have GPS issues as well? Did their froyo release have a GPS fix rolled out w/it? perhaps the FCC doesn't like the fix?
  • Well, Virgin Mobile stated earlier this week on Twitter that Froyo will be available for it's Samsung Intercept this Spring. Not sure if that means anything, but that's what they said. Quote From Virgin Mobile USA Twitter Acount on Jan 11th: @virginmobileus
    "We know you have been asking so here's the latest...VM will get the update to Android Froyo 2.2 for the Intercept sometime this spring!"
  • The Vibrant 4G has two physical differences HSPA+ and a front facing camera. There not holding back the 2.2 update to the original Vibrant in hopes people get rid of the Vibrant and buy the Vibrant 4G. It's just an updated model with a few extra capabilities.
  • The Sprint Samsung Intercept already got Froyo so doesn't really mean too much The Samsung Intercept is pretty much running stock Android and is very low end.
  • Its all about sales, they sold you the phone so why would they upgrade you for free to the same phone as they're selling now? Same processor , same screen, etc... Only basic difference is 2.2. Seriously why would they do it?
  • Because everyone else updates their phones and if this news get bigger and bigger they will lose sales? Right now I DON'T plan on buying another Samsung unless they give me 2.2 or 2.3 before this thing is 1 year old. Honestly Verizon has always been good to me and I know if I call them and complain they will let me upgrade asap. Thunderbolt is calling me but I'm in no hurry.
  • Oh I'm sorry, you're right... And you're really smart cause you waited it out and you now have 2.2 because that's what they promised you... OH WAIT YOU DON'T!! ! HAHAHAHAHA.. DUMBASS THEY GOT YOUR MONEY! !
  • So it's the customer's fault when a company fails to deliver a promise? Okay, promise your boss that you'll complete an important project and then fail to complete it. Tell him "I'll get to it, eventually." See what happens. Samsung will lose sales on future phones. By how much? Maybe a lot, maybe a little. It is bad business to lose respect from your customers.
  • so back to my original comment:
    Its all about sales, they sold you the phone so why would they upgrade you for free to the same phone as they're selling now? Same processor , same screen, etc... Only basic difference is 2.2. Seriously why would they do it?
    ..and whats your problem with what i just said? you just agreed with me, thanks.
  • I got fed up waiting for my Vibrant to get froyo and flashed Nero v5. I couldn't be happier. My phone is way less laggy, and I have noticiblly longer battery life. Not to mention I don't worry about when the OTA is comming. Thanks, Team Whiskey.
  • They could always just grab a TWiz 2.2 ROM by Eugene or TW and push that out (for the Vibrant, at least). It'll probably work better anyways. :P Seriously though, I fail to see the massive need for their official update. The dev community's work is seriously more than adequate. At this rate we'll be running optimized 2.3 before the SGS gets official 2.2.
  • Most users don't even know there is a dev community. All the non-techy users of these devices deserve updates as well.
  • Most users don't even know there is a dev community. All the non-techy users of these devices deserve updates as well.
  • Promise, Promise, Promise... you could deliver the update tomorrow and make it flavorless(which Id actually prefer) and I still won't buy another samsung phone. Im finally going to checkout some of the other roms, now that I've learned how to fix everything when I break it.
  • Funny cause I'm going to buy only samsung phones in the future, at least if they keep the same relative quality. They have the best screens, cameras, and processors and the build quality is fantastic. Who cares about official upgrades when you can just flash customs roms?
  • Team whiskey has done more then samsung has for any phone ever ,thanks team whiskey
  • Samsung, don't ake after Palm.
  • Well maybe if they remove some of their blot ware they could push these upgrades out quicker. Also there is no reason to put the transform on the market with 2.1 well after 2.2 were released. Samsung is a fault company and nobody here should ever buy another product from them if they cannot support it in a reasonable amount of time.
  • I highly doubt its because of the fact that you already bought the phone therefore eliminating the need for an update.
    their obviously working on froyo builds, otherwise we wouldnt have all the leaked builds for the epic. idk if there are builds for the other US galaxy S phones, but those should be proof that they are trying, regardless of the amount of time. and if it is such a big problem for you, then root.
  • The last leak for the Captivate was months ago.
  • To make a long story short, the carriers don't want to upgrade the Galaxy S line because they want to push their flagship phones (Droid, Evo, G2, iPhone). Think about it, gps and lag issues aside, the Galaxy S line have the potential to be the best phones on the market. You think Verizon is going to upgrade the Fascinate after all the money they dumped into the Droid program? Same with Sprint, why upgrade the Epic, when the Evo is still their number one phone. The carriers pump tons of money into marketing their flagship devices so they have no intention of upgrading, let alone promoting a potentially better device.
  • Why have other phones been upgrade to 2.2 then?
  • Could it also be the fact that they have over 30 models of Android phones? Can you say they got their hands caught in to many cookie jars?
  • i agree samsung devices sucks i have the tab for xmas and i am going to root it for 3.0 but i will never pay for a samsung piece of crap phone
  • i agree samsung devices sucks i have the tab for xmas and i am going to root it for 3.0 but i will never pay for a samsung piece of crap phone
  • FU samsung i too can make a promise... I promise you i will never buy another samsung device again...EVER!! and i will make sure nobody else will either.... just more lies from a company who doesn't give a crap.
  • Regardless of what is really going on behind the scenes, hopefully Samsung is understanding that their reputation has been damaged and is looking for ways to improve in the future. I still won't buy a Samsung handset until they've gotten with the program though.
  • how many promises is samsung gunna promise and then break. honestly, F$%# samsung. Tired of ur lame excuses just release Froyo already.
  • Ive got nobody to blame but myself on this samsung issue, i read all about that behold incident a few years back and still disregarded. F samsung. I should have went with my first instinct, EVO! :( but now im stuck on the epic feeling inferior to the rest of the pack.
  • That is idiotic. Even with 2.1 the epic is still way better in just about every way than the evo. Better processor, camera, screen, physical keyboard. Just flash a custom rom and quit complaining.
  • The Samsung could be a top tier phone with 2.2, and it has only been announced since Oct. 2010 that 2.2 was coming out for the Galaxy S line.
  • For some odd reason I do no believe/trust Samsung on this one. I guess I was sold on their marketing, and I knew better. I'm available for an upgrade (my last phone broke and I had to pay full price for my Epic 4G) and can not wait to see time line for new phones after WMC. I do not know if I can ever buy a Samsung product. There are too many other viable product on the market these days.
  • Samsuck...maybe they don't understand english...!
  • You would think that they would try to get this update out yesterday with all the bad press.
  • No matter what, Samsung just got its nose bloodied by its own loyal customers, and they (samsung) would do well to sit and think on that awhile. AFTER they give us our GODD*MN UPDATE!!!!!
  • Shortly? So does that mean another 6+ months?
  • Fu¢k you androidcentral. Fu¢k you for being so smug to the very angry Galaxy S and android community. You never have any reasons or news about us or why we are getting the finger and then have the balls to be so condensing twoward us when we do A LITTLE bit of our own investigating. You then use the word of the PROVEN LIERS at Samsung as word of god? I've never commented before and probably won't again, but this has disgusted me beyond words.
  • Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that snotty tone. Just because Samsung rattles off a "we're not guilty" email to a different gadget blog it makes everything ok and turns us all into a bunch of ungrateful whiners? Thanks AndroidCentral for respecting your readers. Personal insults noted.
  • Well said.
    Hey Phil, we will stop asking for what Samsung "promised" when you will stop b.tchin@ for not having T-Mo 3G where you live.
  • lol. Thanks, everyone, for your concern over my data coverage. I'm getting along just fine with 3G on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. And if anyone doubts that I'm holding Samsung to the update thing, I was in the room when they announced the U.S. Galaxy S phones, and in the room when they said the phones would be updated to Froyo. I don't need convincing.
  • Sorry Phil for the language and my post was a little angrier then it could have been but I'm glad I got my point across. I like the site and look foreword to the podcast!
  • Samsung users waiting for their froyo update..
  • "No. Samsung is not charging carriers for Froyo updates to Galaxy S. We hope to have more detail on status shortly. Promise!"-SAMSUNG. WAIT WAIT ...PROMISE?! HA HA HA HA Ha. DIDN'T SAMSUNG PROMISE FROYO BY THE END OF 2010 LOL. I BETTER SEE GINGERBREAD cause Froyo now would be disappointing now. hurry up samsung, this boycott is starting to effect my future purchases. i've been eyeing a 40in led 120mhz tv & now i'm thinking about getting a Sharp. & don't b condescending 2 ur readers Phil, ok, thanx.
  • Tell you what Phil, We'll stop **tching about updates for our phones (as you so elequently stated we should all do during the last podcast) when you stop **tching about not having Tmobile 3G where you live.
  • +1
  • OK let's all take a deep breath and apologize to Samsung and Androidcentral. We have been wrong about this update thing from the start it seems. Samsung is great and we need to chill out. They promise! ;) Ready? OK here we go... 1...2...3... Hey let's not all rush to the mic first to apologize. Now for real this time. 1...2...3... Any takers? Hmmmmm
  • I was really upset about this until I flashed the TrulyEpic Rebirth ROM. This has been running so well that I no longer care what Samsung does with updates. The developers here at AC do a much better job anyway. The combo of Samsung hardware and custom ROMs is perfect and better than anything else I have seen.
  • I am now beyond the point of just hating samsung for no froyo. I am now I am now frustrated with google they now about the problems galaxy s owners are having and have done nothing except praise them with giving them the new nexus. I may be moving back to iphone or blackberry.
  • Doesn't matter what Samsung says now. That is just another message with no substance. I'm done with them. Once the LG Optimus 2X comes out I am don't with my Vibrant and will never buy another Samsung product again.
  • Hey we can not support the Galaxy S line, so buy our new phone that we won’t support either. Instead of updating OS’s Samsung has discovered they can make more money if they do not update the OS on their phones, instead making customers buy new phones to upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2
  • I think the problem lies with everyone. There are many different carriers with many different android phones that run many different types of hardware. This along with the fragmentation of android builds, it's getting hard for them (carriers, manufacturers) to code for them all in a timely fashion. Also you have to consider the bloatware that is forced upon them that has to be integrated by the carriers.
  • Also, carriers and manufacturers are not required to give anyone a major OS revamp. Updates to core components that are buggy and/or don't work or system enhancements that should have been included at launch are required, but not major overhauls such as from 2.1 to 2.2. Do you think once winblows 8 rolls out that microshaft will overhaul the winblows 7 GUI for free? No. You want the new GUI so you have to buy winblows 8. Simple as that. I would like 2.3 on my EVO but if they decide not to give it, ok, because I bought it with 2.1 and if I want the latest and greatest, I might have to buy a new phone.
  • Are you serious, sir? Everyone knows you don't have to buy a new PC to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 (and you likely won't to update from Windows 7 to whatever's next). You can just go to a store and buy the SOFTWARE to upgrade. You can't do that with a phone. Also, 2.2 has been promised up and down by Samsung themselves for MONTHS. As recently as CES, even. Watch the videos, their VP of marketing himself is on video record saying 2.2 is coming. What does it mean if they don't deliver it? A lot of disappointment for users, yes.. but more importantly, IMO, it illustrates that Samsung is a company that does not make good on their promises. Think about it this way : it's winter and you go to buy a Honda. None of the 2011 models have air conditioners, but the salespeople swear that they'll have them installed for you buy summer time. You trust them and buy the car anyway. Summer time comes and you have no air conditioner. You rightfully get a little pissed.. all you get from Honda is excuses. Then, other Honda models start getting air conditioners installed, but your model doesn't. Honda offers no explanation besides "we're testing it more to make sure you'll be comfortable enough". Now it's the middle of July.. it's 100+ degrees and you've got a shiny new car that runs fine but its not everything it could be because you lack that comfort feature that was promised and not delivered. Would you be a little annoyed at Honda? Sure, the car runs, gets you from A to B, good gas mileage, etc.. but no air conditioner. Just wait a little longer... not too many more sweaty commutes.. we promise!
  • Lol love it. Says it all.
    Ill continue: then you get in someone elses car. You notice they have air conditioning and you how much a difference driving in a cool car feels. So you decide your gonna install a test air conditioner and see what happens. When you install it you notice that the car doesn't blow up or catch on fire and wonder why it hasn't been installed on your car already. More questions.
  • I agree that Samsung promised it and it should be delivered without question. This delay is ridiculous and the reason I won't buy samsung phones. Not because of the hardware but because of the lack of support. I agree that you can't just walk into a store and buy an upgrade but maybe that's what the industry needs so that everyone can be happy. I personally think a major upgrade should be free if announced while the phone is still being sold. But upgrades after that should still be available for your phone, I.E. 2.2 to 2.3, when available if your phone supports it. Like for maybe 20 bucks? This way, you can upgrade at will long after your phone is off the market. All I was saying is that carriers and manufacturers are in no obligatory contract with you or anyone to upgrade it's original OS to a newer one. This is where the carriers and manufacturers choke you to buy a new phone and I think it's bullsh*t.
  • Samsung has the "under promise, over deliver" axiom completely backwards. whatever. i don't want to hear Samsung say anything ever again unless they actually have something to say. shut up already. CUT IT OUT, SAMSUNG!
  • I would guess we will all have 2.2 within two weeks. With Samsung having a new big device coming 2/13 there going to want to shut all of us up so everyone forgets how sh|tty there support is.
  • What I don't understand is why none of the carriers put out all stock Android on all their phones. Just by doing that they would differentiate themselves from the other carriers and it would allow their actual phones to take the spotlight. It would also save the companies money by not having to pay developers to program their version of Android and updates would be very fast. There doesn't seem to be a downfall to a company using all stock Android on all of it's phones. Arrogance seems to win over profits in the case of phone carriers.
  • I'm sorry, I love this site and everything it does for Android users. But I don't agree with this not being on Samsung. If they didn't have a history of poor customer service, poor device support, shady business, and a general "we don't care about you after you buy our product" attitude... then I may believe you. NEVER buy Samsung if you care about support and updates.
  • To hell with anyone who thinks Samsung has behaved in a professional, honest manner regarding froyogate. Obviously they can afford to hire talented software developers and choose not to. Obviously, they made promises which would lead a person to believe that their phone would soon be able to be used to it's full potential. I got the Fascinate for my husband, and an Incredible for myself. As my first "smartphone" purchase, and an IT student, I believed that having the two different phones would help me. While the Fascinate has a pretty screen and superfast processor, Samsung has NOT made good on the promise to bring the OS software up to date. They choose instead to play "politician" and it's pissing advanced users off, making them look bad, and making less advanced users angry too. Even great hardware is useless if the software sucks; so get with it people, you shouldn't have to resort to contract breaking to get your phone to work the way it should!
  • liars
  • A level three tech from Samsung told me yesterday on the phone that 2.2 has been completed and sent to Verizon and that they have no control over when it will be released or knowledge.
  • I can root my epic and load a custom rom, the point of the matter is, Samsung promised Froyo and haven't delivered. I will never buy another Samsung phone.
  • Samsung needs to just wait for the 2.3 gingerbread be release and do an update. All this time and still the Epic 4G hasn't gotten the 2.2 froyo update :-(
    Samsung has alot of unhappy clients now that has been waiting for the 2.2 update.
    WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON SAMSUNG ??? Get your act together and be more professional !!!!
  • @Oktobermagic +2 Wow, "b@#$ng Phil?", really? You don't see a valid reason for the complaints here dailey? Why not? A lot of your "dailey, faithful" readers here aren't as comfortable loading ROMs/kernals or rooting their phones. And its not that anyone blamed AC for anything but when you smuggly down play "your readers" complaints or vents it just looks bad....disappointed...
  • Samsung really sucks now and this is the last time i buy there product. was thinking of getting there samsung tab but with TMobile L G Slate coming out with android 3.0 i'm going to LG better
  • March 27th and sill waiting for Continuum update.