Samsung, Google officially postpone CTIA event [Update: Google explains why]

Update: Google's explained why the delay. Works for us.

"We believe this is not the right time to announce a new product as the world expresses tribute to Steve Jobs's passing."

Original: We've just gotten official word from Kim Titus, director of public relations for Samsung Telecommunications America, regarding the postponement of next week's event at CTIA. Here's the word:

"Samsung and Google have decided to postpone the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event during the CTIA in San Diego, previously scheduled for Oct. 11. Under the current circumstances, both parties have agreed that this is not the appropriate time for the announcement of a new product.  We would ask for the understanding of our clients and media for any inconvenience caused. We will announce a new date and venue in due course."

Needless to say, this is the first time we've seen something like this happen. As for what caused the postponement, well, it could be a lot of things. And we're really not going to speculate here. You guys have a blast in the comments, though.

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Phil Nickinson
  • wtf man...
  • Probably would make them look bad promoting something that might say... Driving another nail in Apple's coffin... ... Given the recent passing of Steve Jobs (RIP.. love or hate the man, you have to give him credit for persuading people to buy his products)
  • Ok I just read most of these comments.. I just converted from WebOS to Android.. And don't have much love for Apple.. But reading what allot of you are saying here.. Disgusts me.. Allot of these comments show little respect.. Samsung worked with Steve Jobs.. Some of the parts in the IPhones are made by Samsung. the people at Google were also friends with Jobs.. Just because you compete in a market doesn't mean you can't be friends outside of it. Case in point.. One of Steve Jobs best friends is Bill Gates.. They ate huge competitors but off the field been friends for 30 years. Allot of you here sound like children throwing temper tantrums cause your not getting your announcement of the new nexus device. show respect for a true innovator. Take a look at the iPhone from the beginning until present day. Now everyone look down at your Android devices. If it wasn't for Jobs vision for the iPod and iPhone that device in your hand would still look like a Palm device out Black Berry device. I may not like Apple, but i'm man enough to show respect where respect is due. Samsung and Google are also showing they have respect also. That's mighty big of them and I respect both companies even more for showing respect not to Apple.. But to the human being Steve Jobs.. Their friend. I am appalled at how selfish and disrespectful allot of you Android fan boys are. I love my nexus s and really like Android.. But the community I'd way meaner then the WebOS community I just came from. The announcement will be here in due time.. Probably a week later, until them show some respect for a person that was also a loving father and husband. Google and Samsung are. +1 to both companies.
  • a lot, two words not one and certainly not spelled "allot".
  • Swype spells allot.. I know its two words. Lol
  • Allot: to distribute. Alot: my pet peve too.
  • 'a lot, two words not one and certainly not spelled "allot".' Well, that's not even a complete sentence.
  • P.s. Sometimes I highly dislike the auto correct on Swype. Ate instead of are, I'd instead of is.. Swype does it to me every time. Lol
  • I agree
  • I show no direspect to what he has accomplished or his vison, I personally just did not like him. Call it the ego I felt he had or his political contributions, either way the tech world lost a giant, and I didn't lost sleep over it. glad his suffering is over though, cancer is no joke.
  • I'm no Apple fan boy either..hence why i'm on a Android device.. As a business man he was megalomaniacal at times and a nit picking perfectionist with a slight case of the crazies. Outside of business he was a loving carrying father and husband. But that's like anyone in life. I've met a lot (better? Lol) of supervisors, bosses, presidents of companies and owners of businesses that were total pricks on the clock. But once off the clock they were cool as hell and nice. To run a successful business you have to be able to separate business from personal. Just saying..
  • I can't speak for everyone here, since I am a relative newcomer to the site. However, I think what you see below is a small handful of the people who visit this site, and some of them are hard-core haters of Apple and everything they produce. You can't take the "snapshot" you see below and extrapolate it to create the entire Android user base. Some of us are actual humans with feelings who realize the guy commenting above them is another human with feelings.
  • Oh like how Steve Jobs realized Wozniak was a human being when he lied to him and stole Wozniak's money? Worst of all it was Wozniak's design that Jobs exploited for his own personal gain. He did the same with Wozniak's blue box. Woz came up with the design and built the first box. When Jobs saw how well it worked Jobs jumps in and convinced Woz to mass produce and sell them. What happens next? Jobs and Woz end up at the barrel end of a gun because Jobs is (oops was) such a greedy bastard. It is funny how many people think he was a great innovator, plain and simple he was a master manipulator who gained success and fame by exploiting his friends and the genius of others. He was a visionary conman who did well for himself, that's the real Steve Jobs.
  • I completely agree, this is the Mac vs. PC fight all over again. I'm tired of arguing! When I watch an iPhone related video, there are hundreds of android trolls saying bad things and using "bad names" (android fanboys get reeeeeally angry when arguing). The same happens when I watch an Android related video, apple trolls doing quite the same. Can't we all respect the other's opinions?
    If you like iOS, good for you, be happy with it. If you like android, good for you, be happy with it.
    Some people act like children. Can't we show some maturity?
    And also, let's respect Steve. He was revolutionary in so many ways, and thanks to him Android is what it is today.
    He deserves some repect!
  • Yet Apple is out hustling the new iphone 4s and they don't look bad. Business is business. I doubt apple would postpone a release or announcement if the cofounders of Google died. Respect fir Steve Jobs and all he did but this is the circle of life. Did no one listen to what Steve himself had tobsay about the subject if death?
  • Ok, Steve definetely deserves some respect, and his death probably influenced them to postpone it (a little), but the main reason of it is pretty obvious. Jobs's death + iPhone 4S release would take most of the attention away from the Nexus Prime, so they want things to calm down a little.
  • Gotta give him credit for a shit load more then persuading people to buy his products! P.S. NOT an apple fanboy here! Just someone who recognizes innovative genius, amongst other things
  • Under the current circumstances, both parties have agreed that this is not the appropriate time for the announcement of a new product. That tells me they are trying to avoid clashing with S.Jobs' funeral. First... it will take away a lot of attention from the event and second... Just seems like a sign of respect. I'm guessing it won't be postponed more than a week
  • I agree. Don't want to drive the final nails into Apple's coffin, while their leader's funeral is going on. That can wait a couple of weeks, and then they can drive in the final nails. If the iPhone 4S is what we can expect from Apple without Steve at the reins, they are definitely in deep trouble.
  • Without him at the reins? He'd only stepped down like a month ago. That phone was still his baby. If you think that somehow Apple is in trouble, you're even more delusional than their hardcore fanboys. That's an absolutely ridiculous statement.
  • He officially stepped down as CEO in August but he has been gone on medical leave all year. I agree I do not think Jobs had as much input into the ip4s due to his health. I do not see why people are so harsh about this delay it really is the right thing to do out of respect for Jobs/Apple
  • "Yesterday, we noted that Jobs was reportedly actively involved in overseeing development of the next-generation iPhone even as the iPhone 4S is yet to make its way into customers' hands." From MacRumors. Jobs not only did a LOT for the iPhone 4S, he apparently did a lot for the next iPhone (6?) as well.
  • I agree my friend has every iphone to date and gets them on launch.He really wants the 4S and i told him he is a moron to keep giving apple
    his money for the same phone.This is how apple fans are they dont care if there getting screwed.This type of marketing is becoming a trend like in video games the call of duty franchise would have a great new experience now they change a few things and bam 60 bucks i for one quit buying iphones after 3gs was announced and got a droid and now i dont play call of duty wise up apple fans.
  • It wasn't a small update. We got a dual-core processor, an 8 MP camera and Siri. That's pretty much what most android phones are offering (except for Siri), so the iPhone upgrade is very welcome.
  • You could say the same thing about Google, Microsoft, RIM, or pretty much any other country in the history of capitalism. I don't really understand what the complaint here is, aside from "I hate Apple products and anyone who uses them... and also Call of Duty" lol
  • Bummer.... Guess the holidays are going to get even more interesting.... Were gonna have to wait this one out just like the kids :p
  • I doubt we will actually wait any longer for the release, just longer for the announcement. Even if they push it back a few days they can still launch it the very next day or within a few days.
  • Under the current circumstances? Out of respect for Jobs maybe? I don't get it.
  • Perhaps they would feel bad for stealing Apple's thunder right after the death of their co-founder.
  • Well that and I'm sure Larry Page and Eric Schmidt will be at the funeral. Who knows, maybe the funeral is gonna be on the 11th?
  • I can't seem to find when the funeral is on Google, but this seems like a fairly reasonable guess. The men may have been competitors, but a lot of them were also friends.
  • Jeez, quit panicking. Most likely, this is to avoid being jackassess as it would coincide or be very near to Sauron, er, Steve Jobs' funeral. Most likely, this is a week delay in announcing it, but probably no delay in availability.
  • Easy explanation: They wanted to try and steal news coverage/attention from the 4S. Then Steve Jobs died and they realized they'd be second page news.
  • bingo!
  • That sounds very feasable.
  • By the time their event would have happened, the news cycle would have moved on from Steve's death.
  • Yes, this theory or the one below where "no iPhone 5 means no need to rush" are the most reasonable. Google never has to say why they postponed, because the knee-jerk "because of respect for Jobs" excuse was put there for them by most tech media outlets. Postpone, take some more more time to nail things down before presenting, let the news outlets clear the front page for ICS, and not get any penalty sounds like a good plan to me.
  • Sounds like TI is not doing the chip anymore.
  • ? and they're going to redo all this and announce in London on the 24th?
  • Not sure but what I saw was TI sent emails out asking about being related with the launch from TI PR
  • I don't see how this has anything to do with Steve Jobs like other blogs are commenting. Are they going to let him "lie in state" somewhere like Michael Jackson or a US President for a week before his funeral? Plus, they kind of have an obligation to shareholders to capitalize on the ICS thing ASAP, right? The longer they wait, the more Taiwanese and Romanians are going to leak it and steal their thunder. It will be old hat/boring by the time it is officially released.
  • Right. I'm sure Larry Page would rather the media talk about how insensitive Google is for hyping a big new product launch right around the time of Job's funeral instead of the Nexus Prime and ICS.
  • Isn't a month from now still "right around the time of the funeral" too? How long can they wait? It's not a personal attack to Jobs - it's an evolution of an existing product. Did all the other burger chains not run promos or not release any new menu items for months after Dave Thomas died? I don't see how any announcement would be callous or bad at all, assuming they didn't make fun of Jobs or the iPhone in their planned presentations.
  • You can't seriously be comparing Dave Thomas to Steve Jobs. Despite their competition, a lot of the Google guys were actually friends with Jobs. Not to mention it would make them look like total dicks.
  • No, it’s valid. It is just that Ronald and the Cheese-burglar are insensitive pricks. -Suntan
  • I strongly disagree that this would make Google look like dicks. Seriously... I mean, it's not like Jobs died and THEN they were like "let's plan our new product release event right the following week!" This date has been in place for some time. People have made travel plans, no doubt, and it's just kindof a huge inconvenience. They could, in a tribute to Jobs, DO a small tribute at the event... but then again they'd be paying to promote another company's ideals. I still think doing the event at the scheduled time but including a blurb/thing as a tribute would be a great idea and absolutely NOT make them look like "dicks," "jerks," or whatever else.
  • Speaking of travel plans, it may also be kind of hard to hold the event that close to the funeral if Google's top guys are all out paying their respects to Steve. Maybe they're taking some time off to mourn? He was their competition, but he was still their friend. I agree that a small tribute would probably be enough, but it would still come off kind of dick-ish to a lot of people I think. Even if WE don't think it would, others might.
  • Dave Thomas improved my world more than Steve Jobs did. It doesn't lessen Steve Jobs any to compare him to Dave Thomas, IMO. Both were great US businessmen.
  • So I suppose you typed that comment on a cheeseburger, not a computer with a GUI running a modern OS with a keyboard and mouse? Oh, okay.
  • Are you somehow implying Steve Jobs created the GUI or modern computing?
  • Created? No. Made it usable for an actual personal computer user? Yes. I don't think anyone would argue that Jobs pioneered modern computing... that's not really a debatable point, it's pretty much fact. While he's obviously not solely responsible, he was certainly one of the biggest (if not the biggest) influences.
  • Xerox PARC
  • Ugh, how many times does this ridiculous myth need to be debunked. Go learn actual computer history and the real story behind Jobs' acquiring the rights to use the GUI. I didn't say he invented the GUI, I said he invented the PC GUI and the modern computer. Which he did. These are facts. lol.
  • Then I'm guessing you're about 400lbs and 10 minutes away from a heart attack. In which case we won't have to read any of your ridiculously annoying posts anymore. Love or hate the guy, Steve Jobs changed the face of computers and smartphones as we know them today. I don't like him or his cult-like following, but I do like the repercussions that came from his genius ideas and marketing. Have some respect.
  • Wow, not that it is any of your business, but I am not 400 lbs, nor am I suffering from heart conditions. Some of the people here spew hatred like the people to whom they are replying aren't human. How are my posts "ridiculously annoying" at all? I rarely post. And I do have some respect. Why don't you show ME and the others on here some respect? Steve Jobs was great. He did a wonderful job during his lifetime. I don't understand why you would think I don't see that? I'm not saying to attack him or Apple. I think there is plenty of room for Apple and Google in the mobile space. If Steve Jobs was still alive, I would still think Google were jerks for attacking Apple or Jobs in a presentation. Like how Apple made fun of Motorola during their iPhone 4S announcement and how long the Bionic took to take pics - jerky move. That makes me not want their products, and I would feel the same toward Google if they did that. Also, please note that Google "explained" why it was canceled without actually mentioning Jobs. Only you and the others who are pulling additional info from some imagined context that only you see are adding the Steve Jobs funeral to this announcement. Wouldn't Google have mentioned him if they were postponing for this reason? Why not? Are people going to be offended or mad if Google/Samsung says "we are postponing to take some time to mourn the loss of Steve Jobs" in the announcement?
  • "Samsung and Google postpone launch event out of respect for Steve Jobs
    By Casey Johnston | Published about 3 hours ago
    Samsung and Google have canceled their October 11 event in San Diego where the Nexus Prime phone and Android 4.0 operating system (Ice Cream Sandwich) were all-but-certain to be officially launched. In a statement released to All Things Digital, the two parties confirmed that they prefer not to time such an announcement so close to Steve Jobs’ recent passing. While not officially confirmed by either company, the event was widely speculated to be the big unveil of Google’s next Nexus phone, the Samsung Nexus Prime, which would be the first handset to run Ice Cream Sandwich. This morning, both companies notified media outlets that the event would not be taking place, saying “both parties have agreed that this is not the appropriate time for the announcement of a new product.” In a later statement, the companies elaborated: “We believe this is not the right time to announce a new product as the world expresses tribute to Steve Jobs’ passing.” New speculation suggests the event, called Samsung Unpacked, will be held October 27 in London, clashing with Nokia World 2011 and the expected release of a few Windows Mango handsets." Shut up.
  • You don't have to be a jerk. You could have just posted the quote or pointed out that they updated the text above. Why are so many on here today so rude? Why did Google/Samsung not just say it was for Steve Jobs before now? Samsung's Kim Titus seems to be the only one who is willing to put all the "something is wrong with ICS/Nexus" to rest.
  • First of all, Google/Samsung DID say it was for Steve before now. Just because this website didn't post it originally didn't mean that it didn't happen. Second, sorry for being a dick, I thought you were that other guy. Haha.
  • You're exactly right. Too bad there are a lot of insensitive assholes on this forum. They WILL be pointing out the differences, including what's better than on the iPhone during the presentation. Apple set the bar, and Android has to show the how and why people should be making the switch now. Too bad the timing sucks, but Jobs was definitely respected, and definitely liked by many of the developers, coders, programmers, and compilers who represent Google. To do anything other than postpone would hurt a lot of people involved with ICS, Google, and Apple itself. Kudos to their decision. I can wait.
  • I don't have any problem with them pointing out the iPhones shortcomings, but I do agree that it would be in pretty poor taste to do it 2 days after Jobs' funeral. It doesn't mean that Android is going to stop being competitive or something, it's just a show of respect for probably the single most influential person in the history of the tech world. Love him or hate him, you can't ignore him.
  • Because Larry Page was a friend of Steve Jobs outside of work. Let him show respect for his friend.
  • This. Just because their fanboys hate each other doesn't mean they did.
  • His funeral is today. Just so you guys know.
  • If you remember, Google did mention in their IPO prospectus that in order to "not be evil" they may make decisions that are not in the shareholders interest.
  • the rumor is they postponed it in light of steve jobs death/funeral. im sure this sucker will be released by x-mas. ill be picking this up on verizon come january-febuary.
  • Fairly obvious this is out of respect for Jobs passing. A classy move by Samsung and Google, in my opinion. People...note the actual wording of the press release: the ANNOUNCEMENT has been delayed, not the product release.
  • That's an awful lot of projecting you're doing. If it were out of respect for Steve Jobs and not, say, the realization that they wouldn't be getting people's full attention, they would have immediately said it. That isn't something you keep under wraps.
  • No, because some people (and companies) have class. When you offer your seat on the subway to an old lady, do you announce it to the whole car? (Nevermind, you probably do.)
  • Agreed. I think had it been Page or Brin or Schmidt, Jobs would have done the same thing. If this is the real reason, I say hats off to Google. Things like this remind us that human life is a little more important.
  • Apples and oranges. If you are postponing an event and don't announce it, people are going to assume there are problems with your product. It's potentially damaging and there's no detriment to announcing that "We feel that it isn't the appropriate time to be announcing a product right now. We are all thinking of Steve." It's Occam's Razor. No company would not immediately announce something that makes them look good.
  • Have you seen a SINGLE person speculate that on here? We have some of the most wacked out, conspiracy-driven individuals on the planet gathered in one spot! Have you seen that analogy come up yet? If nobody here is thinking it, it's because it's not being thunked.
  • Yeah he's nuts. I wasn't thinking that either. Lol.
  • LOL I doubt they will release an item they haven't announced.
  • Release was already speculated to be last week of October. You're not very bright, huh?
  • the keyword here is "speculated" YES we know it's coming but we do not know on what carriers or a firm release date. ill stick to the holidays this year.
  • Have they said they will announce it by the end of the month? I must have missed it in the official announcement? Or are you pulling this out of your hat, so to speak?
  • your consistent, direct jabs at people on here are really, really low class.
  • I'm calling BS on the whole deal. These are BILLION dollar companies that are delaying (first the announcement-then release) due to: This is another GSII situation of endless delays/broken promises and/or it somehow serves the financial interests of the companies involved. Do you really believe the board members of Google and Samsung were so depressed about Mr. Jobs that they just couldn't get out of bed so they had to cancel? Please
  • This is stupid. Kinda just deflated a whole bunch of hype. I'm sure the new keynote will be awesome, but I'm a little pissed off that it's being pushed back so far. (Oct 27th rumored)
  • Announcement date pushed back. Launch date unchanged I'm betting. No biggie, really. Would have been nice to get the official word, but we've got some pretty substantial leaks to hold us over. Lack of a new iPhone to compete with? Steve Jobs' passing? Who knows why they pushed it back.
  • I bet the presentation was going to bash the 4S and Apple. They say they 'agreed that this is not the *appropriate time* for the announcement of a new product' which I take to mean that they were teeing up the 4S's shortcomings. And they didn't want to pile on right now.
  • Also, if this was done in response to Steve's passing: We feel for you.
  • Probably cuz of leaks.
  • Two Words. Steve Jobs,
    It would be inappropriate to introduce the IPhone killer when the man behind iPhone is dead.
  • Only Apple can release an iPhone killer. Anyone else trying to do so will be branded a "hater" and will get almost none of the iPhone's customers. That's how it has played out so far. Apple has very devoted/loyal customers.
  • I think we all know there's no such thing as an iPhone killer. That phrase is kind of ridiculous in the first place. The Apple camp are going to stick with Apple, the Google camp are going to stick with Google. If anything, it's a WP7 and BB killer.
  • this phone wont kill anything as everybody has different tastes. tbh the specs on this are less than the upcoming htc vigor. it's just wanted because it will ship with vanilla ice cream.
  • Yeah, I was pretty intrigued by that too. Unfortunately, an iPhone is the only thing that makes sense for me (because of my job) as a phone. Are there any tablets that ship with vanilla android though? I'm mostly an Apple guy but I've been wanting to get a vanilla Android tablet (preferably cheap) for a while. I love both systems and haven't gotten nearly enough time to play around with Android as I'd like.
  • xoom. vanilla honeycomb
  • Ehhhhhhh but the Xoom kinda sucks. That's the one I've played with. Not the OS, mind you... the hardware. Anything newer or is that is for now?
  • I don't understand why you would say the Xoom sucks. It has the same specs as every... other... Android tablet released to date. It's heavy, yes, but compared to other tablets the feeling of quality is second to none (I include the iPad in that statement... They might be tied, but I don't feel like Moto's build quality gives up anything to Apple's). The software is vanilla which many like. The screen is better than the Acer's (I would know... I have an Iconia tab), comparable to the Asus, though not quite as good as the Galaxy Tab's (Had one of those for a week... returned because it was too much like an iPad, I wanted more ports, and the Acer was $100 cheaper). What about the hardware "sucks"?
  • I explained all of that horribly haha. I guess the issues I was having were much more so with the OS, now that I think about it. Everything (on the Xoom I was using) seemed very sluggish and it was struggling with scrolling and animations and switching between things. It would get there eventually, but it just seemed a bit... off. Maybe I was just trying out a bad model? I loved the LOOK of the software... just not the way it was functioning. I just kind of assumed the hardware was letting me down, I guess.
  • The Galaxy Tab 10.1 (or 8.9)imo is the best honeycomb tab available currently. I got one for free and love it (and it is nothing like the ipad. I truly doubt the guy above owned one, he is probably just trying to justify his purchase of the xoom). But if you are wanting an android tablet, I would consider waiting until ICS devices start shipping with tegra 3 processors. Those will be a HUGE jump from the current crop of tablets. I'm looking forward to seeing what the transformer 2 will bring.
  • Very good to know. Thanks man, I appreciate an actual response (rather than just getting all of my posts downvoted for saying I use an Apple product). Seems a bit silly, as I was asking which Android tablet would be the best for me? Haha. Whatever though, fanboys will be fanboys. I'm sure the Apple crazies do the same shit.
  • You could've gotten an HTC Flyer yesterday morning at Best Buy for $99 if the Douches who run the company didn't suck.
  • I was going to! Then I found out it was some mistake and they're really still 300 bucks or something. No thanks. I can be patient for a better one.
  • You can't kill something that's already dead :P
  • This was an awesome comment.
  • Has to be due to Jobs' passing. Still, gives them a chance to announce it with the phone already in channels.
  • Look at it this way, if they postpone the ANNOUNCEMENT...
    1. they don't look like Giant asses for trying to market over the top of a funeral
    2. They will still get front page coverage after the fact
    3. there may have been some punches to be thrown at Apple during the event and gives them time to come up with new material.
  • i know verizon is getting this phone but what other carriers are rumored too?
  • I think they are doing the right thing. Being respectful is a good marketing move. They will get enough extra good press coverage from that move to more than compensate for any complaints that may arise from all of the Androiaddicts waiting for the next device. I'm as ready to swap out of my Samsung Charge as the next person but this is right. Hats off to them for realizing it and making the right choice. You 'users' that are having withdrawals, take a pill and relax for a while. You'll get your fix soon enough:)
  • Would Bill Gates & Microsoft announce Windows 8 on the day of Steve Jobs funeral? Of course not. Why would Google do any different with ICS?
  • It's hard to say. This marketing stuff takes serious planning, and it would be hard, and expensive, to change it on a dime.
  • First the Steve Jobs death, then death of the iphone... Perfect timing Imo.
  • how is jobs dying the end of the iphone?
  • I think he is referring to the iPhone 5 not being released and web pundits being hurt and pissed off at Apple. Their customers don't care - they will buy the 4S. I heard a pointy-haired boss-type guy at a restaurant yesterday telling the 3 IT guys with him that the iPhone 4S he was going to get had a larger, 4+ inch display. One tried to refute him, and he said, "no, it was announced to have the larger screen." They all clammed up after that except the boss man. I laughed for a while after overhearing that one. I bet he will still buy it when he gets to the store and sees the same old display on it. Apple customers are buying the OS and iTunes - they don't care about the device and will get what is pushed to them by Apple.
  • @markus funny you need explanation on that comment.
  • O Julius Caesar, thou art mighty yet: even in death, Caesar is reaping revenge; he seems to turn events against his murderers from beyond the grave
  • ... Seriously, dude?
  • It's possible that with the underwhelming announcement of the 4S and inevitably lowered sales predictions, Google and Samsung figure that they can take a little extra time to work out remaining kinks without having to worry about having the rug pulled out from under them by the new Apple offering. Or maybe it's just out of respect for Jobs.
  • This is to respect Job's funeral service, which is planned for Sunday the 9th. Having an announcement two days later is insensitive.
  • agreed... i didn't like jobs business practices at all but the man will be missed and im sad he died at such a young age. imagine if this was bill gates passing.
  • I, personally, wouldn't find that insensitive as long as they didn't ridicule the iPhone or Jobs in the presentation. I don't get why everyone is so sensitive over this issue? They should add in a slide or two discussing Jobs and how he was awesome. Then proceed with the launch. They certainly can postpone if they want to, but I don't think as many people would be offended by it as people are making it out to be.
  • I don't think it's an issue of trying to avoid offending people, really, so much as it's just a gesture of respect. It's a narrow distinction, but I think it's appreciable.
  • have you MET iFanBoys? If you point out obvious useful Android features missing from iOS, they get offended about as much as religious people do if you point out a fallacy in their gospel.
  • Its probably Steve Jobs, and all the leaks this morning were probably Google authorized due to them knowing a delay would bum people
  • Exactly ... does anyone truly think its a coincidence that we get PHOTO and VIDEO leaks of the Prime just a few hours before the product announcement gets (unfortunately, but understandably) delayed by a few days?
  • Where is video? Are you referring to the Boot up of the Nexus on the Droid Bionic?
  • galaxy nexus huh, this would explain why verizon never got the sg2. im betting sprint will not get this phone.
  • I'm going to say this as gently as possible... I'm losing patience with this platform. If it isn't a delay on the phone being released, to it not being quite all it could have been (features, promised functionality missing), or poor software updating, it's the carriers mucking around with the phone's features on what should have been a good & capable handset. I keep waiting for that phone that checks most the boxes for me. Makes/receives calls without issue, browser works without constant crashes, apps that don't continuously force close... Yes a lot of this has to do with the version of Android or vendor skins on top ala BLUR, Sense, Touchwiz or those aforementioned carrier tweaks (BING, hello Verizon). But between Google just dropping a NEW VERSION OF ANDROID & QUICKLY ANNOUNCING ANOTHER BEFORE HARDLY ANY PHONES HAVE ADOPTED THE CURRENT ONE (sorry for shouting but hello Froyo, Gingerbread, ICS) & those other problems it is starting to seem like a good idea to investigate WP7 or switching back to iPhone. To say my experience with the Samsung Fascinate & now the Droid X2 has been troubling would be an understatement. I was really hoping this phone would be the one but now it may be too late.
  • simple solution for you, try another platform. i bet you will be back.
  • Let me put it this way... I tried another platform leaving AT&T to go to Verizon for their better service in my area. It hasn't been the best experience as noted above. I can't hold Verizon solely to blame for that can I?
  • So you're frustrated that the phones aren't worth the hype and you want to switch back to iPhone? Did you not just witness the buzz kill that the new iPhone was for every fan boy on that platform? You don't like the os version your on and sick of bloatware? Take 15 minutes and root it. Take your cry baby attitude else where, your arguments are old.
  • You see that is the problem... Offer an opinion & out come the jerk offs. I'll not go into all the things I've done to these phones & how many of them I've replaced. You clearly have fan boy issues of your own.
  • Fan boy issues? Far from it. It's just you rehashing the same argument we've heard over and over and over and over again. If you want to go to another platform, GO! We don't need to hear about it.
  • You sound every bit as whiny and elitist as the Apple fanboys you all claim to hate.
  • You sound every bit as whiny and elitist as the Apple fanboys you all claim to hate.
  • Not the case at all. Obviously Android is for everyone and anyone who doesn't like it is stupid and doesn't know anything. Also let me now tell you how I don't sound like a complete fanboy after using logic like this.
    /s Lol. People are ridiculous. Try stuff out, use whatever works for you. If you like Android best, go for it. If you like iOS or BB or WP7 best... then do that. There's nothing complicated about it. The best operating system is the one that works for you.
  • Samsung has a notoriously low customer satisfaction rating... I wouldn't base your entire Android experience off one of their phones. As for the delay, I'd say this is out of respect for Jobs and the right thing to do. It's hard to get mad about it, calm down.
  • Yup, no one is stopping you from going. Go try BB and then tell us how many updates you get. People are like spoiled little brats now days...we get accustomed to getting updates and now if it is not fast enough, not many enough, too little, why did it turn my phone blue because I wanted it yellow update? We are all in the same boat when it comes to updates on Android unless you are one a Nexus and even then. Every OS has its issues. We just go along for the ride and enjoy it because even when it bumpy it is still a fun ride.
  • I'd just like to enter in the record here that I got way more updates to my BB Tour than I have for my Droid Incredible. I wouldn't say BB doesn't do OS updates. I had at least 4 in the year I had the device. One of them sucked and made my phone slower/laggy, but it was an update nonetheless and was fixed in the next update a couple of months later.
  • So, what checks your boxes? I understand your frustrations, but what is it that would make you happy from a phone? I don't know of anything that the iPhone does better than Android, especially on the newer android phones. I had an Evo which I rooted and put CM7 on. Back when it was on Froyo, rooting it was a 10 minute process (with a Mac, anyway... with Windows it took about 5-10 extra minutes) that (almost) any idiot could figure out. Only problem I had was that I needed to reboot my phone every morning or it would get buggy -- not a big deal, and it also improves the performance of stock phones. Wouldn't have traded that phone for an iPhone under any circumstances. These days, the manufacturer skins actually add some great functionality. The stock HTC camera was better than the CM7 camera. I got an Evo replacement which had the newest version of Gingerbread with sense. It ran so, so smooth. The one and only complaint I had was that it was harder to root. I know some people had problems with the update, but in my experience it was perfect. That's a big bummer, though, that you have issues making/receiving calls, browser working without crashes, apps that aren't always force closing... My Evo was damn reliable, and my Nexus S 4G is absolutely stone reliable and smooth--no complaints, except I'd like more features on the camera and more features on the dialer--which i can just go to the market and download replacements. blah blah blah... that's kindof a rambler. But I don't see what Android is missing that another platform offers.
  • I just went "WTF?"
    I had better get an iP4S! (just kidding)
  • I'm so sick of this phone and all the delays. Its already outdated. I'm gonna get the HTCSungorola Unicron. That's gonna be a beast
  • LOL. I totally understand where you're coming from. I just want Gingerbread on my Droid Incredible. I don't see the need to move to a faster phone now, since every month at least one more beast leaks and is supposedly near release. The beasts are getting bigger... I'll just wait a while and see how big they get. I was like "woohoo, new OS" when Gingerbread was announced. Then, when it never came, I gave up on newer versions. ICS is going to come before even half of the current devices (the ones still being sold) get Gingerbread? I'll just wait to see how the OS and devices stabilize, assuming they ever do.
  • Hang on, your Dinc doesn't have gingerbread yet? If that's the case, there's an AC blog post on how to force it. The OTA was weeks ago.
  • Nope, the OTA for a very small minority of Incredible users was weeks ago. They stopped the updates. Check the DInc forum - there are lots of us still on Froyo with no official way to get Gingerbread. The version available to manually install has bugs that cause white screens, force closing, no VZW apps in the Market, etc.. Now I see why they don't ever have to continue the updates - they got credit for starting them, and everyone has that "Gingerbread on DInc" checkbox checked off in his/her head already. No bad PR for not actually getting it to us.
  • how can it be outdated when no other phone has ice cream on it?
  • companies steering clear of the Steve Jobs funeral and the wake of media surrounding it..
  • Agreed. I see it as a "tipping-of-the-hat" as it were, to the man who kicked the industry's butt out of its creative funk. Steve Jobs sold a lot of iPhones and in the process he also sold a lot of Android phones too. It was Apples locking down the iPhone so tightly--IMHO--that fueled the rise of Android. That first iPhone gave manufacturers and the public a glimpse of what could be. Those that drank the koolaid became the blind iPhone devotees while the rest of us worked toward what we are about to get from Google and Samsung. If not for the iPhone we'd probably still be recycling RIM's sorry UI and believing push email was the holy grail of 21st centruy communication. We'd be waiting for the announcement of Windows Mobile 8 on a 3" screen... or maybe worse, the next iteration of the Palm Treo. ...Joe K.
  • Fanboyisms aside, I agree wholeheartedly. Keep in mind that not all of us iPhone users enjoy Apple's Koolaid. I prefer beer :) lol
  • Honestly I think this has more to do with the GS2 release. Why would they release a phone that could potentially take sales away from their own line of products! First let the GS2 extravaganza take it's course and then in 2 months release the new Nexus. By then everyone will be ready for a new phone anyway!
  • Somewhere a man in a black turtleneck and 501 jeans wearing NB sneakers is smiling. It doesn't take a genius to figure this out. So long,farewell,alvedarzane goodbye, Steve.
  • Classy move by Google and Samsung. This will not affect sales or anything else in the long run.
  • ..
  • To my knowledge the date for the funeral of Steve Jobs hasn't been announced publicly. This may be why Samsung and Google aren't being specific about why they are postponing the event. And although postponing the announcement out of respect makes some sense, what makes more sense is that some of the people involved in the announcement probably knew Steve and want to attend his funeral.
  • If it was only out of respect for Steve Jobs funeral wouldn't they announce a date the following week? Me thinks that since they think the 4s is a flop they don't have to rush it out like they did with the Xoom and honeycomb. I saw a rumor that you could buy the prime in November, but you would have to ship the phone back to sumsung in January to get the LTE radio enabled.
  • This is interesting, and I hadn't considered that option. I wish they had waited and not rushed on the Xoom, but they were feeling the iPad burn and had to get it out there. Now that the iPhone 5 isn't coming anytime soon, why push out a less-than-perfect device or OS since you have more time to polish it up? I think this comment has merit and is probably closer to the mark than the "obviously for Jobs' funeral" comments.
  • i doubt they will release it on verizon with no lte just to have customers ship it back to sammy to get an upgrade. if it is true, which i doubt ill hold off buying until early next year.
  • New event date?
  • and in case you people haven't learned...NEVER buy a phone at launch. give it time to be seasoned, rooted with roms. let them work the bugs out and believe me there will be bugs. never again for me after the mess i went through with the nexus s 4g. ill give it 4-5 weeks before i buy.
  • Respect by google and samsung , its very nice l like that
  • If this is because of Steve, it will not change when it actually ships.
  • this is a travesty, a sham, and a mockery= a travashamockery!!!!!
  • I'll bet the phone specs were completely underwhelming, it was probably just the Galaxy S2 with a different name. The Nexus is always supposed to be the best phone on the market, spec wise, when released. To me the rumored specs are pretty pedestrian.
  • if it has 1gb ram, 1.5ghz cpu and a 8 mega pixel camera id say that's pretty high end.
  • I'll be happy with a Galaxy S2 nexus
  • Whenever did anyone say that the Nexus had to be the best spec'd phone on the market..? Look at the Nexus S, it was a rebranded Galaxy S, that came out after all the other ones came out, and it had all the same internals.
  • Umm... Okay???
  • Classy =)
  • It's gonna be that good
  • Let the conspiracy theories commence...
  • kudos to Google. class move.
  • I have to say, it's a real classy thing. Some people in the industry would probably have come down hard on Samsung and/or Google if they went ahead and announced a new mobile product just so soon after Steve Jobs' passing. Although they have been saying it will be released in October, at least the announcement will be delayed.
  • Yes, it would be disrespectful to kill the iPhone on the same day as his funeral. Expect plenty of leaks, folks.
  • In my opinion if this is an attempt not to overshadow Job's funeral, than I agree. This is the right thing to do. Just try to be considerate of those of us that have been waiting for this phone and this announcement. Announce it Wednesday...
  • I think it's a nice thing to do, but it is not a good business practice. Next Tuesday is the ideal time to introduce a product that can compete with the iPhone 4s. If it was Google's CEO, we all know that Apple would have still introduced their device. Just my take on it.
  • I guess Google isn't so evil, after all.
  • Guaranteed it was cuz they were taking cheap shots at the iphone 4s in the presentation and don't want to offend jobs
  • Really? you Guarantee this? You?
  • Yeah it must be that Google hates Apple so much so they're postponing a massive phone announcement because they really want to be able to rip him a new one. Or, you mouth-frothing fanboy, it could be because Page & co were actually friends with Jobs? Just because their fanboys hate each other doesn't mean they did.
  • not to sound insensitive but one person dies and we're all supposed to put things on hold?
  • Not to sound insensitive, but if your one mother or father dies, is your family supposed to all put things on hold? Just asking.
  • if apple isn't putting things on hold, why should others? using your example, doesn't that make apple his family?
  • Last I checked your not putting anything on hold. This is the Industry just being respectful to a man that helped jump start the new era of smartphones. It's a classy move by Samsung and Google. It could be like a earlier post said that the iphone 4s isnt a threat like they might of thought it was going to be.
  • I totally agree with this postponement. Whether you like Apple/Steve Jobs or not this was due to his death. As shady as Apple has been with frivolous lawsuits against competitors, Samsung took the high road in this respect amoung others. All these negative posts against Jobs and Samsungs postponement does indeed sicken me. Whether Apple is the enemy or not these negative posts are very unwarranted in this case. Jobs never held ill will towards his competitors and his dream was not to make technology good, his dream was to make it greater. Look at how Bill Gates basically stole the recipe of Windows away from him decades ago. Even after all that they still remained friends. We as humans should not hold ill will towards Steve Jobs even in death. Shame on those that made negative comments in this thread. There's a time for competition with all technology makers/creators and now isn't the time.
  • it's a classy move!
  • Good call Google / Samsung
  • Ok I am no lover of Apple Products and never knew Steve Jobs, But I will say this: the reason why we are all not still out toting our Black Berry's around is because of his vision and his ability to make people think they needed product. But lets get down tot he root of things GOOGLE and SAMSUNG decided to delay/cancel their announcment, and for what ever reason it has been made an no ammount of whining from little brats is going to change that. If you are a stock holder then get the Board to have a vote of no confidence in the CEO the President and VP of Marketing and I will say this it is going to fail, otherwise sit down, shutup, and enjoy the ride.
  • It makes sense, when your mantra is "Don't Be Evil." Announcing the new product would have been a somewhat mean spirited thing to do. Especially since this is the guy who gave rise to smartphones as we know them today.
  • So, I wonder, is Apple going to postpone all sales of the "new" iPhone? No? How unbelievably disrespectful! The death of this individual has been so blown out of proportion it's utterly unbelievable as indicated by the extreme level of communal pseudo-grief. He was a CEO. And how much hands-on engagement do you really think he had of late? He's been dying from pancreatic CA for the past two years. As a counselor for hospice I see more death in two weeks than most see in a lifetime. Death is certainly the final equalizer in life and the death of a CEO certainly doesn't warrant much of what's been going on for the past two days.
  • Having worked in Healthcare for almost 20 Years and the 5 of them with the nations largest Hospice Healthcare Company I surely will say this I have never seen anyone with the Psych/Social Dept have your attitude about death. Not only that but if I was a family memeber I would have you removed from the case. Death affects each person diffrently and no 99% of the ppl here did not know him but he touched their life.
  • Really? And what is the largest hospice provider in the country? It seems you have no true understanding of how mental health provision actually works or you would understand that a patient and family would never have the slightest clue as to the personal beliefs of their counselor. We're not there to share our beliefs but rather to facilitate patients and families to explore and express their own. And I'm happy to report that as a clinician for nine years in hospice I have yet, even once, been removed from a case. Perhaps because I actually understand what I'm doing. He touched their life? Yes, grief through consumerism is powerful.
  • As of right now Gentiva is the Largest Hospice Healthcare Provider but only since they purchased Odyssey Healthcare, When I was working in Hospice it was Vitas Healthcare. Some of my best friends still work for Vitas as Doctors, Nurses, Chaplains, and Social Workers. I have had family in hospice and your attitude would come through and as I said I would have you removed from my families case if you were the care provider. And yes I do have a very good understanding of how Mental Healthcare works I am currently employed by a HealthCare Provider that that covers the myriad of disciplines including a Psychiatric Hospital.
  • It's because Steve is expected to release another product on the 11th...iDied
  • WTF is wrong with you?
  • I'm not trying to be disrespectful, if so you guys need to lighten up. I appreciate all that Steve has done for the world. Android wouldn't be where it is today if it weren't for him. I guess it was just too soon. Sorry if you take offense.
  • Unbelievably disrespectful. You're making your fellow Android users look bad.
  • thomas edison ,henry ford , steve jobs .....
    enough said
  • Um, no. Not even close.
  • Got to be joking. Besides, Edison isn't the best example of an honest businessman you could find either. He basically screwed Tesla.
  • Where's Benjamin Franklin?
  • Two of those are inventors and one is the PR guy for his company. Granted he is an absolutely fantastic business man with a great mind for sales and how tech should be used in our lives, but he is not an inventor, that is apple R&D. Not belittling this msn in any way but you made a poor comparison. Even Steve woz said that at first Jobs needed him but after that he needed Jobs.
  • I hope that when Woz dies there is half as much fanfare for him. He was the brains behind the Apple computer, Jobs just sold the things.
  • Seriously. I +1 that
  • that's what i mean. everyone is on a "we MUST mourn steve jobs" kick. it just feels like it's something "trendy" rather than anything close to sincere.
  • Anyone who really believes this has to do with respect for Steve is probably not thinking right. I'm sorry, but this had nothing to do with respect. Apple themselves announced their new iPhone 4s when Steve was on his deathbed. It's what he would have wanted anyway, if you think about it. Meanwhile Google / Samsung fart around with a delay because of Steve??? A man that technically has nothing to do with either, and who's own company charged right on forward with their new product. I'll tell you what this will do. The delay will lessen the momentum and for every day that they delay the announcement, another fifty thousand would-be Android users order the already orderable iPhone 4s. This delay is either because Samsung / Google thought that they would lose money if they announced on Monday, or there's a secret lawsuit issue that will soon blow up publicly, or something went terribly wrong with the software (ICS) or hardware (Nexus Prime) that they were to showcase on Monday. Even after the guy is gone (and I have the utmost respect for Steve Jobs), he still mucks Android up. Bad move, Google.
  • Well, don't you feel stupid now. Lol
  • it could be the negativity over some of the leaked specs. this will give them the chance to change some stuff maybe? say that 5mp camera?
  • Lol, for all the leaked specs on a 5mp camera I can find leaked specs on an 8mp camera. Nobody really knows and were waiting for this event to find out.
  • I have respect for Jobs and the influence he had on the tech world but I fail to see how Google announcing a product that they had been planning to announce for weeks is somehow disrespectful. I believe the real reason for the delay is because of the lack luster announcement of the new iphone, Google now has the upper hand and they feel no need to rush the announcement. They are just allowing the hype to build even more and at the same time gaining some good PR by saying the delay is "out of respect to Jobs". And to that I say "Good job Google". They know what they are doing, and this is a great spin to put on the whole situation. Looks like they are taking a page out of Stevie's book and finally starting to use marketing and PR to their advantage.
  • If I've learned anything from these posts, it is that I cannot have an opinion on Steve Jobs that is not high. Since he died and no one saw it coming, I must now put him on a pedestal and claim he has done something for me that he has not, or at least directly. I will say that his vision has changed the way computers work, no doubt, but I also believe I should still be allowed to have an opinion either way. To be very clear, I would shake his hand if I met him and be humbled by his knowledge, but I am not changing my mind on him because he died so suddenly… seriously, no disrespect intended...
  • What you should've learned is that it's OK to have an opinion of the guy, but his passing (as well as the passing of any decent human being) is to be reflected upon and honoured in good taste. Too many people here are acting as if the man murdered their family before their eyes. My little sister passed away at the age of 14 due to leukemia. If anyone would've made jokes or comments about her like they have here, I would've personally confronted them, and made them feel the same pain I felt. His passing affects many people both who knew him personally and who knew of him. Regardless of opinion, we need to show a little humility with his death.
  • Steve jobs gona ask everyone at his funeral if they thought that he and the iPhone were really dead. Then they're gona surprise us and release the real iPhone5
  • Very classy Google/Samsung. IMO it was a good call.
  • I'm not sure what the reason for this postponement is, but I'm sure there is a damn good reason. If it truly is because of Steve Jobs passing, then my hat's off to Google and Samsung for not being so corporate about everything and showing some compassion. RIP - Steve Jobs
  • It did not matter whether we were Google or Apple followers. We all loved and respected Steve Jobs. He was a visionary like no other. He came into this world for a purpose, to improve the world in the way we communicate, work and share precious moments. Steve, thank you for showing us how a single mind can achieve so much so that the younger generations never forget that they too can achieve if they believe. He will be missed. RIP
  • iSad :(
  • So the private funeral was today for Steve Jobs.
    Apple is still rolling out the 4s.
    Makes me think google and samsung need to iron out some bugs before the announcement more then respect.
    But what do I know?
  • Now that it is officially official from Google, I'll comment. Kudos to Google and Samsung for having class and human decency. These companies compete (Google vs. Apple), and heck, Apple and Samsung are even suing the hell out of each other, but it is nice to see that civility still prevailed when it comes to life and death. No need to worry about what will happen to the stock price or business overall due to this delay. They did the RIGHT thing. Heck, I like Google and Samsung even more now due to this... and maybe others will as well. +1 for humanity. My next set of android phones for me and the wife are Samsungs.
  • As a user of both Apple and Google products, I agree. Class move all around, and serious props to both companies (G and Sammy). Nice to see that at least the companies realize that life & death is more important than a few dollars or some fanboy wars (just don't tell the fanboys).
  • I'm an avid android advocate and have been since I was introduced. I carry a nexus s 4g, a galaxy tab, and have spent probably $100 on apps since I started (as I believe in supporting the developers). But, after reading the general lack of compassion from android users and seeing the lack of care in alot of peoples' words in the case of Steve Jobs' passing, I'm ready to jump ship. This disgusts me, as a human being, and as a tech enthusiast. The fanboyism has to stop. Many of you look like savage apes whenever anything non-android is mentioned, like a gaggle of 13 year olds fresh off of Xbox live. Get a life, get a job, get a girlfriend, and go outside. The loss of life from ANY good person is a tragedy. And I think many of you have never experienced it first hand. We all owe alot of thanks to Jobs, and denying that is denying the history of three entire industries of technology. The iPod, OS X, iPhone....all were majour steps forward in possibility. Grow a pair and grow to respect this man. You're making us all look bad, and frankly, I'm just about done with it.
  • they were definitely going to take some shots at apple. This move confirms the fact that google is serious when it comes to business but also respectful of others and that type of stuff adds to the loyalty I have for google :)
  • Although I did want to see the NP this coming tuesday, I guess I can wait. I commend Google and Samsung for showing respect to him.
  • Good job. I was very disappointed with the site's response to the news of Job's death (across the board). I have never owned an apple product and have no plans to purchase. I'm Android through and through as a consumer. That said, I have been taken aback by what I have perceived as arrogance and descriptive terms I will keep to myself. Anyhow, even if Samsung and Google are full of it (for the cynics), I still say good job..... Of course, it's a free world as far as media consumption goes. Flame me it you will. Rest in peace Steve Jobs
  • I don't get his at all. Honesly let's be realistic here: When Michael Jackson died did they not release any new CD's on that Tuesday because they felt it was inappropriate? When Heath Ledger died did they decide not release any movies that Friday? I mean, the list goes on. It makes no sense for Samsung and Google to delay this and put a serious strain on developers that made plans to attend this event. I find it actually a big slap in the face to the developer base. Most of the technology world has respect for Steve Jobs but the worldn't didn't stop rotating when he died. Google can hide behind this being a sign of respect but they truly incapacitated a big group of people that are going to be annoyed about money they spent for travel and the like.