Samsung to integrate Google TV, announcement in January?

Samsung is rumored to be integrating its televisions with Google TV, and an announcement is possible in January. We've already seen products from Sony and Logitech, but Samsung's entrance to the space would be huge as they are the world's largest television maker.

A move like this makes sense for Samsung; it has been bullish on Android with their widely successful Galaxy S phones and newly released Galaxy Tab.

This would also bring Google TV into millions of more homes when consumers look to upgrade their television rather than have to buy a separate set top box.

Google TV is going to be ubiquitous, let's hope Eric Schmidt was correct yesterday when he said they were making progress in talks with the networks. To discuss Samsung's adoption of the software or more, head to our Google TV forums. [Bloomberg]

Sean Brunett
  • By the time they announce this I would already have a logitech revue connected to my 27' 4 year old 720p Samsung television. This television integration is kind of a joke.
  • Not a joke if you're in the market for a new TV in January.
  • It has been proven that its just a television with a logitech revue(little more complex than that however they have pryed em open and thats how it seems)
  • Samsung will probably screw something up and release a half-assed product again.
    i.e. Refer to Samsung galaxy phone with GPS hardware issues
  • I think it's a great thing that Samsung is getting involved with Google TV. This could only mean that we will see more competition, development and innovation that can only drive prices down and give the users the edge for better technology integrating with GTV. Go Samsung!