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Best answer: Yes. The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 follows the trend of past models, so you'll have excellent durability and waterproof ratings.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 waterproof?

When a new wearable such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 hits the scene, users are eager to learn about the features it'll have. Whether you're an avid swimmer or someone who doesn't always think twice about removing your watch before a shower, a decent waterproof rating is an important feature. Fortunately, you can shower and swim with the new Galaxy Watch 4.

If you're at all familiar with its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch Active 2, you'll be happy to know the successor carries over some of the best features. For example, you'll get a 5ATM + IP68 waterproof rating. It's water-resistant in depths of up to 50 meters, which means the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can handle splashes, rain, showering, and swimming.

Not to mention that it's also certified for MIL-STD-810G durability. In addition to the Samsung Galaxy Wach 4's waterproof rating, it can also withstand numerous harsh conditions. Some examples include drops, extreme temperatures, shock/vibration, and low pressure/high altitude. It's also resistant to several elements, including dust, dirt, and sand.

It's worth noting that the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic offers the same waterproof and durability ratings. Regardless of which model you fancy, these watches are slated to become two of the best Android smartwatches out there.

Swim your heart out

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

A little water won't hurt

You'll never have to worry about water damaging your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. The new models have a 5ATM + IP68 water-resistance rating, so it's safe to swim and shower with your watch.

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