The Galaxy S22 series isn't all that appealing to our readers

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series S Pen
Samsung Galaxy S22 Series S Pen (Image credit: Samsung)

What you need to know

  • We asked our readers if they were preordering any of the Galaxy S22 smartphones.
  • Nearly half say they'll pass on the phones, expressing disappointment in specs or trade-in values.
  • The Galaxy S22 Ultra received the most votes of any of the models.

With the Galaxy S22 series finally official, we were interested in seeing if our readers were preordering any of the models. After all, the Galaxy S22 Ultra managed to bring back the Note thanks to its built-in S Pen.

However, out of more than 700 votes, nearly half were not interested in preordering any of the devices. That said, the Galaxy S22 Ultra received the most votes of the models, which makes sense given that it received the most changes compared to Samsung's best Android phones of 2021.

Galaxy S22 Preorder Poll

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

Many readers who actually tried to order one complained that the site was down and prevented them from purchasing the devices.

One reader, paulw3, doesn't think it's worth it and that his midrange Samsung smartphone does just fine:

I just bought a A52s 5G a couple of months ago and that does me just fine plus it was half the price of the cheapest S22.

Readers also complained that trade-in values don't make much of a dent this time around, although one reader, issosci, points out that carrier deals appear to improve on those from Samsung:

The carriers seem to give better deals than ordering direct from Samsung. Samsung wanted to give me $600 for my Note20 Ultra 128, whereas Sprint/T-Mobile will give me $1k. Looks like Sprint/T-Mobile will get my Note20 and I'll be getting the S22 Ultra 512 for ~$300 spread over 2 years. That's an easy deal.

Unfortunately, many users are still not too happy with certain compromises, such as no expandable storage and downgraded RAM, and don't think it's worth it to upgrade.

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It looks like Samsung may have a tough time convincing consumers to buy its latest phones, despite some of the upgrades. We'll be testing and comparing the devices soon, which will hopefully help some of our readers decide, particularly those that may be on the fence. Still, you may want to check out some of the Galaxy S22 preorder deals.

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