Samsung Galaxy S20 night mode pics show big improvement over Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (Image credit: Jon Prosser/Twitter)

What you need to know

  • Max Weinbach of XDA has given us a couple of Night Mode images from the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S10 to compare.
  • In the two sets of images, the Galaxy S20 comes out on top easily by providing a brighter and clearer photo in both situations.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S20 also did a better job of balancing out the exposure and provided a more accurate white balance.

Over the past couple of years, night time photography modes have become a big deal on smartphones. Companies such as Apple, Google, Samsung, and Huawei have all introduced dedicated camera modes to help take better photos in extreme low-light conditions, with each one battling it out to be the best.

Now, on the eve of Samsung's big Unpacked event, we're getting a look at some samples comparing Night Mode on the Galaxy S20 versus the Galaxy S10. The photos come to us courtesy of XDA's Max Weinbach, who tweeted out two real-world examples for us to analyze.

After looking at both sets of images, it's pretty clear that the Galaxy S20 will offer a noticeable improvement over the Galaxy S10. In the first set of images, the Galaxy S20 picture on the right reveals that not only will Night Mode images be brighter, but they will also show much more detail. In the Galaxy S10 image displayed on the left, you can barely make out any texture in the grass, looking more like an abstract painting than a photograph. The Galaxy S20, on the other hand, shows a little more texture, although it is still quite blurry.

Source: Max Weinbach/Twitter

The second pair of images shows an even more dramatic difference between the two photos. Here, the Galaxy S20 on the right is once again brighter than the Galaxy S10 and reveals much more details in the houses in the distance. In comparison, the Galaxy S10 on the left is a bit of a blurred mess. Even the exposure balance is much improved on the Galaxy S20, as can be seen from the blown-out highlights in the windows on the houses in the Galaxy S10 image. Additionally, the white balance is also more accurate on the Galaxy S20 with the fence and houses actually appearing to be white, unlike in the Galaxy S10 image.

Source: Max Weinbach/Twitter

Overall, it's pretty easy to conclude that the Galaxy S20 wins in both of these example images. However, it remains to be seen how the Galaxy S20 will do against the rest of the competition. Stay tuned for when we get our hands on a review unit and put the Galaxy S20 through the wringer.

  • Finally somebody did This is what I was waiting for.
  • That excessive smoothing is a Samsung classic. I'm not a fan of it but I can recognize any Samsung photo by it.
  • They better beat Pixel or else I am not interested at all
  • I'm using the Pixel camera app on a OnePlus 7T and it takes better night shots then that. So I don't think it will beat a Pixel. But still great improvement.
  • Those are better than the S10, but still not as good as either the Pixel or iPhone. Is this the S20/+ camera and not the Ultra?
  • of course it will be better this year. they took what apple did on the 11 / pro and copied it, like always. it's easy when you just copy the other guys.
  • Always? Apples cameras were far below par up the 7, and still only tier 2 until the X...
  • You mean the pixel right? Because the pixel has had it since 2018, and Apple copied the pixel in late 2019... And Samsung copied the pixel summer 2019 with a quiet update. Where have you been all these years? Whatever you're smoking. Don't want it.. 😂
  • To be honest, those supposed S10 pictures don't actually look like S10 pictures. At least the night shots my brother takes are much better, even when pixel peeking...
  • Why do camera samples always look different from what I take on said phone? These look manipulated.