Samsung fixes Galaxy S7 Active's waterproofing problem

Earlier this month, Consumer Reports found that two units of the Galaxy S7 Active failed a water immersion test that was within the limits of the phones' IP68 rating. Samsung issued a statement, saying that it will replace any S7 Active that suffers water damage.

In an additional statement to Consumer Reports, Samsung said that it found a manufacturing problem in the production line that has since been corrected.

From Consumer Reports:

Samsung says it has fixed a manufacturing problem that caused some Galaxy S7 Active phones to fail in underwater conditions the phone was designed to withstand. The company says it launched an investigation after two phones failed a Consumer Reports dunk test, and that the manufacturing problems were corrected approximately one week after our results were published on July 8.Samsung would not reveal the total number of Galaxy S7 Active phones sold since the model was introduced in mid-June, or how many had been returned with water damage. However, Phil Berne, a public relations manager for the company, said "compared to the total number of devices sold, it was tiny."According to Berne, all Galaxy S7 Active phones are manufactured in the same facility in Asia. "We found a problem in the production line that we were able to correct," he said. He declined to provide details. Phones now being shipped should be problem-free, according to Berne. However, to his knowledge, Galaxy S7 Active devices already in stores were not being removed from inventory.Consumers whose Galaxy S7 Active phones sustain water damage can return them to the retailer where they were purchased, or directly to Samsung, for a replacement.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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