Sairento VR comes out on August 13 for PSVR, pre-orders open now

What you need to know

  • Sairento VR will be available on August 13 for PlayStation VR (PSVR).
  • You can preorder the game right now from a variety of retailers for $39.99 USD.
  • Sairento VR is focused on agility, with crazy feats like leaping or flipping that are all possible in-game.

If you're a fan of virtual reality (VR) games but you've been looking for something a little zanier than usual, we've got great news. Sairento VR is a first-person hybrid sword and shooting VR game that aims to let players be a ninja — with all that might imply. Developed by Mixed Realms and published by Perp Games, it's been available on PC for some time and now it's coming to PSVR.

Sairento VR features a full singleplayer campaign that sees players joining a group called the Silent Ones, an ancient order of ninjas. Set in a twisted futuristic version Japan, you'll have to shoot and carve your way through robots, samurai, ninjas, sumo wrestlers and more. The main unique feature of the game is the agility. You can dodge, flip, do crazy exectutions, jump over 15 feet through the air, perform wallrunning, somersault, use swords and guns simultaneously and other crazy stunts.

There's also a challenge mode that you can take on alone or in co-op with a friend to help you slice things up.

Naturally, you'll need a PSVR headset to play and the game also requires two PlayStation Move controllers. The PSVR version of Sairento VR also includes the Sairento VR - Weapons Pack DLC from the PC version of the game.

Sairento VR will be out on August 13, 2019 for PSVR and it's available for pre-order from several different retailers right now.

Samuel Tolbert

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