Rumors suggest HTC's Runnymede and Bliss may launch as 'Bass' and 'Rhyme'

We may be about to see two new Android devices from HTC, if there's anything to the latest batch of online rumors. First off, the HTC Runnymede -- reportedly a 4.7-inch device with Beats Audio support and a 1.5 GHz CPU -- is to ship as the HTC Bass, according to a listing on the website of British retailer Handtec.

There's no way of verifying this, but it suddenly makes a bit more sense when considered alongside today's second rumor. German HTC fan-site HTCInside is reporting that the heavily-leaked HTC Bliss will be sold under the name 'HTC Rhyme'. Leaked press shots obtained by the site seem to confirm that it'll ship with the minimalistic version of HTC Sense that we first saw in an earlier leak a few weeks ago.

A closer look at these leaked images might suggest that we'll see more of both devices sooner rather than later. The clock widget in the 'Rhyme' shot shows the date Sept. 20, while the 'Bass' shows Oct. 4. Maybe we're reading a bit too much into that, though.

Still very much rumor territory for now, folks. We'll keep you apprised if anything more substantial crops up.

Source: Handtec, HTCInside; via: TIMN

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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