Rogers introducing Visual Voicemail Plus for Android

Rogers iPhone customers have been taking advantage of Visual Voicemail for quite some time now but the company quite honestly has been rather slow to roll the services out to other devices across their system.

If the above information is in anyway accurate, that should soon be changing for not only Android users but also BlackBerry users. Yes, BlackBerry has visual voicemail -- stop snickering. It looks as though Rogers has gone about things a different way though by switching things up and calling their service Visual Voicemail Plus and offering the capability to save visual voicemail messages rather then being forced to clear them out of the system.

The listed devices that will be supported initially is indeed rather slim on the Android side of things, breaking them down to the long in the tooth Sony Ericsson X10 and the Samsung Galaxy Q but any other device capable of receiving MMS messages can also get in on the action. No pricing is listed on the documentation so we'll see later on if it's a paid service.

Source: Technapedia