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Over the past week, we've been taking a look at each of the games available in the fifth iteration of the Humble Bundle. There are a lot of good new titles this time around -- and three old favorites that were just added in as a bonus -- so we wanted to give a wrap-up of the entire bundle. Facilitating all of these game downloads, installs and updates is a pivotal app that is worth mentioning as well -- the Humble Bundle for Android app.

Hang with us after the break for our final conclusions on the Humble Bundle 5.

The reviews

NightSky HD

We took to the site to review each of the titles in the Humble Bundle 5 over the last 6 days, and we have to say this is a pretty great lineup of Android games. Some of these had already been available in Google Play, and others were making their Android debut. The first four games -- NightSky HD, Solar 2, Dynamite Jack and Beat Hazard Ultra -- are purchased with a donation of any size to the bundle, while the last two are received with a donation over the average.

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And three new additions

Humble Bundle 5

About a week after the Humble Bundle 5 hit the internet, it had raised over $1 million for the developers and charities. To reflect its success, the bundle added three more games that were part of the Humble Bundle 4: Splice, Crayon Physics DLX and Sword & Sworcery EP. It's a nice little "thank you" to the people who donated, and makes the bundle an even greater value. At the time of writing, the average donation is set at $6.82 and that will get you a total of nine DRM-free Android games, along with their counterparts for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The Humble Bundle for Android app

Humble Bundle for AndroidHumble Bundle for Android

Of course none of these game purchases would mean much on Android if there wasn't an easy way to download and install them on your devices. This is where the Humble Bundle for Android app comes in, making the process of getting to your games a (relatively) painless operation. The app can be sideloaded onto your device, where it can then manage all of your downloads, installs and updates centrally. The app isn't perfect -- and is admittedly in "beta" right now -- but it is overall easier to use than managing individual .apk files for each game.

That being said, if you would prefer to install the games manually the complete .apk files are indeed available directly from the Humble Bundle site when logging into your account. This sticks with Humble Bundle's commitment to offering DRM-free games that are easily installable on any of your devices.

Wrapping up

At an average donation price of $6.83 (at the time of writing), the Humble Bundle 5 is a fantastic deal considering that it includes nine games in total. If you were to purchase the games in the bundle that are available in Google Play, you'd be well over that amount -- not taking into account the games that just aren't available anywhere else. Above all, you're supporting a purchase model that is giving money directly to developers and charities, as well as a system that offers DRM-free games on mobile platforms. There are only five days left to purchase the bundle, so get to it!

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