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Resident Evil Village Castle Dimitrescu
Resident Evil Village Castle Dimitrescu (Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil Village is now out, and with it comes one of the most terrifying and enjoyable games we've played in a long time. However, like any Resident Evil title and even some other horror games, it's not the most straightforward. Sometimes, if you haven't played a Resident Evil game before, some of its mechanics won't make any sense. Other times, new features for longtime fans might not be well-explained. So while you might know how to figure out where to go, you might not know how to sell items at the new merchant, run by the Duke. You'll especially want to read our tips if you're new to the series. If you are an old-timer, why not check it out anyway and see if there's something you missed.

1. Run during the first Lycan fight

Resident Evil Village Lycan Fight

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When you first get to the village, you'll be quickly attacked by a Lycan. However, that'll soon turn into a pack out to get you. You have to survive. You'll have a handgun and a shotgun by this point and will likely be tempted to shoot your way out. However, it takes around seven shots on standard difficulty to knock a regular Lycan out, and that's not sustainable. When the fight begins (you'll know when it does), just run. There will be times when you have to get a shot off or two, but eventually, the fight will end regardless of how many Lycans you kill.

It'll be up to you whether you want to play the game gunning down enemies or fleeing and preserving resources. The game allows you to do both (although you should consider running from fights, especially on higher difficulties). However, in this very first fight, you'll want to flee.

2. Yellow is your friend

Resident Evil Village Yellow Tape

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A common game development tactic for leading players to the correct areas in games is using something yellow, whether it's paint, a light, or tape. It's a bit overused, not just in Resident Evil games, but it is effective. It's been used in Resident Evil games before, and it makes an appearance again in Resident Evil Village.

Always be on the lookout for yellow tape. It'll be on crates you can break for loot and will point you in the direction you need to go on locks, wooden beams, and with cables in water. Locks, in particular, are breakable if it has a yellow tape, so no need for a bolt cutter here.

3. You'll be doing a lot of backtracking

Resident Evil Village town map

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Resident Evil games tend to be linear, so you might not realize right away that the map is structured a bit differently in Resident Evil Village. The titular village is at the center of the map and serves as your hub that you'll return to often. You'll visit five different locations that pertain to each of the four Lords and Mother Miranda, your final boss. In between each area, you'll return to the village to make transactions with the Duke, search the abandoned shacks for quest items, and wander around looking for treasures and secrets.

Don't worry if you can't access certain areas of the village right away. You'll be coming back up until the end of the game so if you can't access an area, chances are you'll be able to access it later. For example, wells that have yellow tape on them need a well wheel to access, which you get after finishing Castle Dimitrescu and getting access to the Iron Insignia key. There are also areas in the village you can only access after getting a crank from Moreau's Reservoir, which is the third section.

That being said, make sure you've done all the exploring you can before facing Mother Miranda at the end of the game.

4. Look out for treasures... but don't sell them right away

Resident Evil Village Crystal

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There are a lot of treasures to be found in Resident Evil Village, but some are more obvious than others. Some enemies drop crystal treasures when you defeat them, and you can find others by solving puzzles and defeating Lords. However, if you haven't played an older Resident Evil game in a while, or have never played one, you might not know about the treasures sometimes hidden in plain sight.

There are two scenarios in which you can find some treasures. The first is to look out for a small sparkle, sometimes on a wall, ceiling, or just generally above your head. Shooting at it or knifing it if it's closer will net you a crystal fragment. Also, be on the lookout for hanging bird cages. Shooting at it will drop it down and you'll be able to collect whatever is inside.

You'll be tempted to sell all of your treasures to the Duke, but don't do it just yet. Take note of the descriptions for each. Some will say things like "valuable" while others will say "combinable." The latter means there's another treasure out there you can find, and combining them will net you a more valuable item to sell.

5. Prioritize upgrading your storage space and buying bullet crafting plans

Resident Evil Village Attache Case Inventory

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There are plenty of upgrades and supplies to grab from the Duke. However, you'll want to prioritize two purchases: your storage space and bullet crafting blueprints. You can upgrade your storage for 10,000 Lei a couple of times throughout the game, and once a new version becomes available, you need to get the next one. There isn't a box inventory system here like in Resident Evil 7; rather it's similar to Resident Evil 4 where you have an attache case with a limited amount of space and each item takes up a certain amount. You get a lot of guns, ammo, and meat in this game and you'll need all the space you can get to avoid a lot of micro-managing your space.

Second, though, are bullet plans. Resident Evil Village has a beefed-up crafting system, introduced in Resident Evil 7, where you can craft health items, bullets, bombs, mines, and more. Since bullets are your most important resource, you'll want to maximize your access. These are relatively cheap in the Duke's shop.

6 Guard!

Resident Evil Villge Ethan Guard

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When he was first introduced in Resident Evil 7, Ethan Winters wasn't much of a fighter. He's still not much of one in Village, but he's had some training in between the two games and can handle himself much better in a fight. Therefore, new to this game is a block and counter mechanic.

If you're in a fight and bullets or knife slashes aren't doing the trick, you can make yourself some room. First, when an enemy is about to strike, put up your block. If you guard successfully, you'll get a prompt to Push the Enemy Away. If you time this correctly, you'll push the enemy away, giving you time to either run away or prep another weapon. Not only is it helpful, but it opens up Ethan's arsenal, putting him on a similar level as playing with, for example, Chris Redfield.

Do you have any other tips? Sound off in the comments below. Resident Evil Village is now out on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Stadia.

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