Request from artists to remove content could impact YouTube Music Key

Music manager Irving Azoff, who counts iconic artists like John lennon, the Eagles, Pharrell Williams, Ira Gershwhin, and others among his clients, wants to pull the music of artists he represents from YouTube. If successful, the move could be a big setback for Google, which had recently announced unlimited streaming through the launch of YouTube Music Key. The contentious issue between Azoff and YouTube is money, with Azoff demanding more royalty payments for his clients.

According to a Wall Street Journal report:

Mr. Azoff, one of the industry's most powerful talent managers, is taking on the tech giant on behalf of the 46 songwriters represented by his new company, Global Music Rights, which collects performance royalties from radio stations, digital music services, bars and nightclubs. All of GMR's songwriters had previously relied on one of the two big performing rights organizations-the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, and Broadcast Music Inc.-to collect their public performance money.

Azoff had demanded that YouTube stop playing videos that contain some 20,000 songs from the group's catalog stating that the online giant had not obtained a license.

News of Azoff's request for YouTube to pull content due to a dispute in licensing fees and royalties come just after musical artist Taylor Swift had pulled her entire collection from Spotify over similar contentions.

Source: WSJ