République, West of Loathing, and more announced for Google Stadia

Stadia on a Monitor
Stadia on a Monitor (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Stadia is a cloud game streaming service.
  • It's getting a lot of interesting games in the coming months.
  • For the next two months, anyone can access it for free due to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • You can purchase a Stadia bundle for $130 through the Google Store.

Google Stadia is a cloud game streaming service that launched in November 2019 to a lot of excitement. Unfortunately, the lack of games and technical issues when it comes to resolution and image quality have harmed the reputation of the service.

Today, Google revealed that a lot of popular, smaller games are coming to Stadia in 2020. The press release Android Central received said the following.

There's nothing quite like getting lost within the worlds of adventure games like Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, République, and West of Loathing, which are arriving this year for purchase on the Stadia Store. Explore the hand-drawn characters of the Monster World Kingdom, escape a dangerous futuristic world, or embark on a zany quest through the wild west.

Out of all of these, I'm mostly excited about Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom because it's phenomenal. Hopefully, Google will reveal the release dates soon because all of these titles have been available on other platforms from months to years now.

Asher Madan