Razer Phone said to receive new camera features and improved performance

The Razer Phone is a really good attempt from Razer for its first ever smartphone, but as Alex noted in his full review of the device, there are a couple issues that make it tough to recommend – one of those being its camera package.

Camera performance on the Razer Phone just isn't good in its current form, but according to Razer's CEO and Co-Founder, Min-Liang Tan, the company is aware of the complaints and is working on making the camera as good as possible.

In a post published to Facebook on November 21, Tan said that "while the camera hardware and sensors are phenomenal" there are still software improvements that need to be made. Razer is reportedly working on increasing shutter speed, enhancing low light performance, and "other optimizations" that will steadily be rolled out to the Razer Phone over the coming weeks.

The Razer Phone's camera might not be terrible for too much longer.

Tan says an update to the camera app that was released on November 17 improved stability performance and its interface and that these updates will continue to trickle out on a regular basis. Additionally, at some point during the next few months, Razer will be adding a button for instantly zooming in on a subject with the Razer Phone's telephoto lens and 4x slow-motion video recording.

Lastly, when Oreo for the Razer Phone is released in Q1 of 2018, 60 FPS video, portrait mode, and further performance enhancements will be added as well.

The Essential Phone launched with a terribad camera, too, but after more than a few software updates, it's now actually enjoyable to use. It remains to be seen if Razer can pull off a similar feat, but we wouldn't count the possibility out just yet.

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Joe Maring

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