Qualcomm and OnePlus show off 60-hour music playback capabilities of the One

OnePlus One
OnePlus One (Image credit: Android Central)

The Snapdragon 801 processor in the OnePlus One provides plenty of performance for anything you want to do, but with its latest advertisement Qualcomm wants to show off the power-sipping capabilities of its latest chip as well. Using the OnePlus One as an example (not a bad choice considering its 3100mAh battery), Qualcomm shows off the phone playing music out the headphone jack to a stereo for an incredible 60 hours straight.

That is, of course, without a data connection (or even a SIM inserted) to the phone — but when you just need to have a 60-hour long dance party, it seems a Qualcomm device is the one to go with for the tunes.

The ability for the OnePlus One to have such longevity playing music comes in part from the Snapdragon 801's "Hexagon DSP," they say, which helps offload the music processing in a way that lets the more power-hungry CPU sleep.

One of the more interesting things about this ad is that Qualcomm chose to go with a lesser-known manufacturer in OnePlus, rather than one of the established brands that uses its chips, such as Samsung or HTC. Turns out everyone gets their turn.

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