Qik extends free premium services through September

The folks over at Qik have announced that they will continue to allow the free use of premium services through the month of September.  They acknowledge their "rocky start" and in return are throwing all of us using the HTC Evo 4G a bone:

Heya Android Qikkers – with the launch of the new Android client and video chat capability on HTC EVO 4G, we announced premium services for Qik that will enable you to get much more from your everyday Qikking. With the announcement we had an offer to provide the premium services for free till July 15, 2010. We understand that we had a bit of a rocky start with the new and improved Qik and so as a small token of appreciation we are now extending the offer to enjoy Qik’s premium services for free till end of September.Happy Qikking!

Seems that video chat and conferencing is turning out to be more popular here in the states than any of us expected.  Us Evo-ers took Qik out Qikkly last month, and the addition of a fruit flavored phone with a front camera brought Fring to it's knees.  Hopefully everyone involved can rebound, and we can all have fun seeing just how goofy we look again! [Qik.com]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Wait so the video chat is considered a "premium service"??
  • Why yes, yes it is. The nerve of them trying to make a little profit on an application that they've poured their blood, sweat & tears into for years with no revenue stream....
  • I love it when people that have no idea of WTF they are talking about get snotty with another poster. Video chat IS NOT a premium service... see below:
  • THANK YOU Jopela for replying with correct information and NOT being a dick for no reason. @cj It was a simple fucking question. It kills me when people like you feel the need to be an asshole for absolutely no reason what so ever. I guess it makes you "cool" right? You must have went to your friends and bragged about it. Fucking moron
  • really? You feel the need to berate cj for providing incorrect information and a possible justification for Qik charging for video chat? Even though he was wrong, he was just trying to justify any possible charge from Qik. Take it easy! It's not that important.
  • No, because I'm sick of people being smart asses over a simple question. All that was needed was a simple yes. I don't care about incorrect information. Nobody is perfect. But there was NO need to be a sarcastic prick for NO reason. Im SOO sick of people being smart asses on forums. And for the record I can care less if they charge. It's their right. They did bust their asses to make the app and features available to us. With that said there was nothing in my initial post to even slightly indicate any problem with them charging for the service. Again, it was as simple of a question as you can possibly get. There was NO need for the sarcastic remark...
  • Can you guys do this trolling on video chat instead?
  • Anyway, how could they charge for something that only works a fraction of the time?