The PWNAGE Li game system promises to be the future of Android gaming

The folks behind the PWNAGE Project are working on a completely open and unrestricted Android gaming device, and they are convinced that it will be the next big thing. We've seen these kinds of devices before — some good, some not as good — and agree that there is an untapped market out there, just waiting for the right party to come along and take control of it. The folks at the PWNAGE Project think they can do so not with killer specs, but with an open model and an all-new ecosystem.

The PWNAGE Li, pictured above, isn't going to blow anyone away with it's internals. There's a RockChip quad-core A9 in there, coupled with a Mali400 GPU and 2GB of DDR3 RAM. Enough to deliver respectable performance with the right software, but nothing that will make hardcore hardware-geeks drool. But what it lacks in hardware it makes up for with the company's policies. Every PWNAGE Li ships rooted. Every PWNAGE Li uses free and open-source software. Every unit is boot loader unlockable. That's great news for some of us, but they take it one step further — the warranty stays intact if you use any of these freedoms, and they even will offer a free utility to restore everything back to stock. These folks seem to understand that what you pay for is actually yours. 

On the software front, the Li will feature a custom "stock" Android ROM built by some of the RockChip pros at While you can use only the free and open-source software, including the PWNAGE MarketPlace Community site, users will also have access to Google Play if they want it. The PWNAGE MarketPlace will offer games, apps and mods (both free and paid) like you would expect, but to make things a bit more gamer-friendly they also say they will offer things like profiles and mini-sites for members, guilds, clans and developers complete with a communication system that includes chat, VOIP and video. 

It sounds pretty damn cool. We're paying close attention to this one, and we'll keep you up to date as things develop. For more information, visit the source link.

Source: The PWNAGE Project

Jerry Hildenbrand
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