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...and it was awesome. It still boggles the mind that we continue to see development and depth brought to a cutesy little show designed to sell toy equines. This season brought even more redemption stories into the mix as we had the continued redemption of previous villains. While the fact that almost every villain the show has ever faced has eventually been turned into a friend is a bit naive, the message that we can reconcile with almost anyone is one we need to hear again.

With that, let's get to some pony wallpapers!

Starlight, star bright...

While not all welcomed Starlight Glimmer's redemption and her 'replacing' Twilight Sparkle as the studious pupil in the 'mane' cast, I've actually quite liked her. Her past misdeeds and her fears concerning acceptance and relapse help bring a depth to that role that we never saw with Twilight. We even got a small reprise of the 'evil' Starlight during the show's take on 'A Christmas Carol' to sate those in the fandom that preferred the vindictive, controlling villain we saw last season.

Starlight Studying by Lumic4

Hail Thorax

Are you still geeking out about that finale? Because I'm still geeking out about that finale. I've actually been rather impressed with Thorax's arc over the entire season, going from a meek, self-exiled outcast to the new leader of an entire race. And while the color scheme for the new Changelings may be... loud, it doesn't mean we can't find beauty in it, especially in wallpapers like these that make excellent use of shadows, something Changelings are very familiar with.

All hail the deer-bug king!

King Thorax

Great and Magnificent

Trixie might have technically reformed a few years ago when she had her Alicorn Amulet removed, but this year we saw Trixie actually change for the better, thanks to her newfound friendship with Starlight. Nevertheless, Trixie will never stop showboating, which is great, because the Great and Powerful Trixie is still a delight, especially when she's putting on one of her shows.

And let's face it: if you could make fireworks appear anytime, wouldn't you give your life some flair?

Trixie by dstears

Big Mac for Best Princess

Big Mac has worn a lot of hats (and costumes) the last few seasons, especially with this year's Dungeons & Discords, but none have topped his dream-powered from the Tantabus battle: Princess Big Mac. This was a great laugh and cheer from the fandom when we saw that episode, but the form was also an important symbol for a great many young boys watching the show: you can be a strong, confident man and still want to be a princess.


Princess Mac by JoelletheNose

Vote Pie. Vote Soarin.

Soarin may not have gotten much screen time this season, but he's still one of my favorite pegasi. Even as a Wonderbolt, he's not as haughty or cutthroat as Spitfire, and he's not as much of an attention-seeker or daredevil as Rainbow Dash. Mostly, though, Soarin is a pony I can get behind because he's a pony with a one-track mind for his sweet of choice: PIE. And this election season, I posit that a good ol' apple pie could beat any of the candidates we're voting for next week.

PIE FOR PRESIDENT. (Seriously, though, folks, please go vote. PLEASE.)

Vote Soarin by Equestia-Election{.cta .large}

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