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Purported LG G Pad 8.3 render looks like a big G2

LG's G Pad 8.3 teaser video didn't reveal much about what the upcoming tablet will actually look like. Fortunately, though, there's a leaked render doing the rounds showing a size comparison between what appears to be the new G Pad and its smartphone counterpart, the LG G2.

As the side-by-side image shows, the G Pad appears to employ a similar design language to the G2, with a curved rectangular chassis, a speaker grille up top and minimal horizontal bezels. On the right edge we can see what appears to be a power button, while the usual assortment of sensors can be found up top.

The source of the leak, Korean blog MovePlayer, says the LG G Pad 8.3 will pack a Full HD (1920x1200) display, and make its public debut at IFA 2013 next week. If accurate, the Berlin-based trade show would welcome the first LG tablet since the Honeycomb-based Optimus Pad, released in 2011.

Source: MovePlayer (opens in new tab)

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  • Remove the LG logos and what brand do you automatically think of... Samsung. LG need to branch out a bit and come up with a different design.
  • You are right for the most part but you gotta admit that Samsung took from Apples playbook and also that there is only so much you can do with a rectangle. What matters is the software and the storage at this point. Looks are superfluous at this point. Some will be better than others, but I will take an ugly phone that does more over a beautiful phone that does less. That is why the SGS4 or One will always outsell the Nexus
  • I have to agree with the other poster: only so much you can do with a slab or glass. One thing I wish more companies would do with their slabs of glass is add front facing speakers. I have them on my Playbook and they're great! I'd also like to see more Pen driver tablets like the Note line, but that is a discussion for another day.
  • I won't speak for the pen but I think the One pretty much made the front speakers a need for 2014
  • Actually, I don't see a giant physical home button and capacitive keys so it's not like Samsung at all. Oh you mean it is a rectangle? Welcome to EVERY phone ever made.
  • Right! And the front speaker is not chrome plated and like a quarter inch from the edge. Instead it is pretty much right on the edge and black. So not like Samsung.
  • What other shape can they use? A triangle? Hexagon? Or maybe a octagon? Because I gotta tell you those sound very uncomfortable. Sent from the future and the past using a back feed relay loop.
  • Thanks to the speaker grille design, I automatically think of LG.
  • A TINY bezel in phone is always welcome... But in a TAB???? Are you crazy LG??? Further I don't like the fact that coming Tabs are looking like GIANT phones (8.3" here) and its weird to see more and more people started using it for voice calls in public places...
  • What's with the proximity sensor on the tablet? They can't possibly think ppl will be holding that to their ears?
  • If I don't buy the G2 I might buy the tablet instead as long as it's well done. #HOLOYOLO