PS5 UI revealed with a new Control Center, Official Game Help, expanded Screen Sharing and more

Ps5 Ui Oct
Ps5 Ui Oct (Image credit: Sony (screenshot))

What you need to know

  • Sony has revealed the PS5 UI with an official walkthrough video.
  • There's lots of new features, like a Control Center, Official Game Help and picture-in-picture Screen Sharing.
  • There's also new ways to share images with the Create menu.

Sony has revealed the PS5 UI with an official walkthrough video hosted by head of Sony Worldwide Studios, Hermen Hulst. Per Digital Foundry, the UI runs at 4K with HDR, with a snappy speed thanks the PS5's ultra-fast SSD. You can take a look at the walkthrough below.

There's a lot of new features included with the PS5 UI. Some of the standouts include Official Game Help, where supported games will allow players to pull up a hint towards completing a Trophy. Screen Sharing has been expanded and now supports picture-in-picture viewing of what your friend is playing while you're still in a game.

Another neat feature is the Create menu, which replaces Share. With Create, you can further customize images and when you share them, if a friend hasn't played that particular game, they'll get a potential spoiler warning to let them know.

The PS5 is set to be released on November 12, 2020 in the U.S, UK, Japan and a few other countries, with a global release on November 19.

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