Protect your computer with Avira Antivirus Pro on sale for just $10

Avira Antivirus
Avira Antivirus

Grab Avira Antivirus Pro anti-virus protection software on sale for $9.99 through the Avira website. This deal is close to 80% off what Avira regularly sells it for. You can find older versions going for anywhere from $20 to $40, but if you want the newest edition it would normally cost around $45. This is a limited deal you won't find anywhere else, and you won't see it for very long.

The industrial-grade cybersecurity can protect your PC from online threats, malicious websites, and spyware. It heads off phishing attacks on social networks and can clean and repair compromised files. Can also scan email attachments.

We have actually considered Avira's software as some of the best antivirus software around, and you can find more about our view on it in this roundup comparing it to some other popular selections. One of its biggest selling points is its affordability, so today's deal is just icing on the cake. It's also very easy to use without using a lot of your PC's resources.

Avira offers a lot of protection. It can block online threats and judge websites to see if they are malicious, protecting you when you don't even realize you need protection. It also protects your system from ransomware and spyware. The anti-scam protection is designed to look out for phishing attacks on social networks, including the newest scams related to COVID-19.

If you do happen to have something that's damaged, Avira can clean and repair those files or applications and remove the malware that has compromised them. Plus, if you're a rapid email opener you can get protection from scams that way, too. Avira can scan email attachments for viruses and other malware. It will warn you about links that may lead to scams or phishing attempts. And as far as email goes, it's compatible with Outlook, G-Mail, and most popular clients.

A few of the other features of the Antivirus Pro is it can scan downloads, including media like music or photos, and block attacks on your personal information like credit cards or bank details. Setup your own firewalls to block access to sensitive areas on your network, block ads, and disable trackers.

John Levite
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