Project Glass Session shows a day in the life of a mother and daughter

We know you kids out there love you some Project Glass. So, we thought it worth sharing the latest  Google video that has emerged in the shadow of Google I/O. 

This one, titled Glass Session, shows a day in the life of Madame and Bebe Gayno, with Madame of course wearing a set/pair of the 'glasses.' It's not quite as impressive as Sergey Brin's skydiving extravaganza, but it does further emphasize one key point. Google Hangouts are going to feature quite prominently. That, and we're likely to see a lot more before the first developers get their hands on these things next year. 

Richard Devine
  • When will tech companies (Google and Apple) stop this trend of having to use Europeans (or anyone with an accent for that matter) in these videos? What are the marketing statistics on this?? Do people trust Europeans more than their own fellow Americans? Or is it just to give the product a larger appeal? I need answers.
  • Hey....we're people too you know in Europe! It isn't just Americans who watch/read/live/want this stuff you know ;)
  • True. However, the OP is pointing out a definite trend. Namely, the use of people with British accents to advertise to Americans. For some reason, to the average person an English accent (mostly of the posh variety) automatically implies sophistication and level of trust. Marketers have realized this and are taking advantage. It's just annoying for the rest of us that can spot the manipulation a mile away.
  • 1.5K$ its too much for a device like that..
  • Sigh, its not 1.5k for the units... Its 1.5k for the developer's limited edition version of them which the developers will use to you know DEVELOP apps with. Those developers will then have a head start to create those apps and be first to market with them so that when the retail units finally go on sale a year later the apps will be ready to be sold for MONEY. Its a worthy tax deductible investment for serious developers and a small price to pay for a head start on what may be the next "it" item. The retail units, will definitely go for a much more reasonable price my guess is sub $500 for the first gen units.
  • Then i am relaxed cause when they said it cost 1.5K it was a bit too much
  • OMG the camera is the least feature intersted of the Project glass..
  • Guessing you're more interested in the integrated spell checker, huh? ;)
  • I'm sorry, but as soon as I saw that, the only thing that came to mind
    was "can a pregnant lady wear Project Glass while giving birth in the
    delivery room...." I'm all for documenting everything in your life, but at some point,
    there's gotta be a limit.