Project Fi app now lets you record and manage voicemail greetings with a tap

The Project Fi app has received a small, but nonetheless useful update, bringing the ability for users to easily record and manage multiple voicemail greetings right from the app. Of course, there are some bug fixes coming along for the ride as well. Here's the full skinny on what's new:

  • Record, manage, and switch between multiple voicemail greetings directly from the app
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

With the changes, you'll be able to use a new interface inside of the app to tap and record new greetings, rather than dialing your voicemail and navigating a phone tree to record. Once recorded, you can manage and switch between different greetings as necessary — for example, have a specific greeting ready to go for when you're on a trip, and switch back to your normal greeting when you return home.

If you're interested in checking the feature out for yourself, you can go ahead and download the latest Project Fi update on Google Play now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster