Powering the iPad with Android's WiFi tethering

Our friend (frenemy?) Rene Ritchie over at sister-site TiPb has done a quick, largely (and admittedly) unscientific comparison of connectivity options for the iPad, and whether the additional $130 for the 3G model and corresponding data plan is worth it. In the test, he pits the built-in 3G over the Rogers' 3G 7.2 Mbps HSPA, WiFi tethering on a Nexus One running Froyo over the same network, and a Verizon Palm Pre Plus roaming on the Canadian Bell CDMA network.

Results were varied, but in the end the conclusion was just as you might expect: for the most convenience, shell out the dough for the 3G model and plan; for savings, use your Android handset's built-in free WiFi tethering (where available), or your carrier's paid solution.

Head on over to TiPb for the full article.

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Ali Fazel
  • How about performance? Tethering the iPad with a Verizon device that will use the Verizon network, versus ATT 3G speeds?
  • Ignore my comment - the article covers it.
  • well I think I'm going to buy an ipad . for500 dollars but I don't know wat u think people ?
  • I let my co worker use my rooted eris to get her ipad online about a week ago, it worked great. granted we weren't streaming movies and uploading huge files, but we didn't hit any snags.
  • i've been using my inc to tether my ipad when i really need it and it works perfectly fine for browsing and such, i haven't tried something like streaming netflix, but youtube works fine on mine. while i have a love/hate relationship with apple products, the ipad justified itself to me as i have a 13hour flight coming up and it is a fantastic thing to watch movies and play games on. getting work done though? i'll take my real computer any day.
  • I can tell you with my Droid X in hand, it rocks with the iPad, I had the VZW MiFi card before that, and I believe the my Droid X internal Hotspot is even faster with the iPad.. have the 64gb iPad, and debated waiting for AT&T 3g, but I would rather (insert long expletive here) than work with or give money to AT&T.
  • what you think of wifi tether using 4 g with the htv evo ?
  • @frijolito17 I've done that several times here in Chicago with my Evo both in 3G and 4G modes I can tell you it's an excellent solution, works great :)
  • I have a WiFi iPad and my wife has an iPad 3G, and in my unscientific tests in downtown Chicago tethering my WiFi iPad to my Sprint Palm Pre or Evo 4G (in 3G mode) crushes my wife's iPad 3G on AT&T's 3G network. I would never get an iPad 3G just because of the network its on, however for my non-technical wife the 3G version makes sense, mainly because she has an iPhone which doesn't offer wi-fi tethering and even if it did I doubt she'd understand how to set it up/use it :) The AT&T 3G is fast enough for her on her iPad for checking her email, which is about all she uses it for when away from a WiFi hotspot, and she easily stays under the 250 MB cap for $14.99 a month.
  • I tether my iPad to my N1 on T-Mobile. A Big plus since I average 3.5Mbps download on t_mobile 3G.
  • I have a 3G iPad but plan to tether it to my Droid X when the device is released. ATT's 3G speeds on the iPad are terrible!!!