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PowerAMP 2.0 released, and they have a Twitter contest to go along with it

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The folks at Max MP have released version 2.0 of PowerAmp, their excellent music player for Android.  We've loved PowerAmp in it's previous versions, and 2.0 looks to be a great update with improved media scanning,  Samsung Galaxy Nexus support, and SD card mounting fixes.  Add this to their list of great features, like tag editing, theme support, scrobbling, and that amazing graphical EQ and you have one of the best music players for mobile on any platform.  You can download the 15-day trial version of PowerAmp after the break, and the full version costs $4.99.  PowerAmp requires Android 2.1 or higher.

To help celebrate they also have a new Twitter account and a contest to give away 32GB microSD cards to store some music on.  The contest starts Friday Dec. 30 at noon Central time, and ends Jan.1 at midnight Central.  Follow @PowerAmp2 for the full details.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

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  • Not available for download yet in the market =\
  • I'm confused. Wasn't this released almost 2 months ago?
  • Yup,this is seriously old news. Do folks at AC not periodically check the Market for updates to your apps?
  • When it can pull my Google Music files, I'll consider.
  • Check out "gMusic Sniper" in the market, think you'll be plesantly suprised.
  • :p
  • Big yawn until it can stream of my computer's hard drive like Audiogalaxy.
  • subsonic is also another alternative, i love subsonic, i have it running on my NAS. android central should review that instead of this old news.
  • Agree about the lack of Subsonic love shown on AC!
  • This is not new news... it has been available for a while! It is a great music player program!
  • Its horrific.
  • Read twitter people. Its news because of the give away....and just so happens that power amp 2 is saying they are celebrating the release with free stuff. Wow some people love to hate AC.
  • Just released??? But I've been using it for months already lol yeah, powerAMP is good....but google music is better :) I don't even have any 3rd party music apps anymore now that I can stream everything I want ;)
  • Considering that most of us have limited data plans, and I'm often lucky to have EDGE let alone 3G, storing music in the "cloud" is a joke. Google needs a reality check.
  • grandfathered unlimited plans and more populated areas with good 3g coverage are what makes streaming apps and voip very useful
  • They still haven't caught up to MixZing IMO.
  • I run my own personal cloud (check market for Qloud) to stream all my music/videos. Anyways, I do use PowerAMP for a lot of my locally stored music. It's the best stand alone player out there for locally stored music by far in terms of audio quality output.
  • subsonic is mostly all i use,hosts all my music on my NAS. i only use poweramp when i have absolutely no data signal. does anyone have the previous version apk for poweramp? i updated a while back and the new UI is TERRIBLE for driving, the buttons are so small. ill never understand the need to have the majority of the screen showing the album cover...