Be Legendary with these Pokémon wallpapers!

Pokémon Go has been out for over a year now, and if you've lapsed your play in this summer heat (I know I have), then you're not alone. Whether you've been out raiding all weekend or you're just looking for a little nostalgic nerdiness on your home screen, we've got the Pokémon wallpapers for you!

Squirtle, digivolve toooo.... Whoops, wrong franchise!

There have been a lot of starter Pokémon over the various generations of games, but the original trinity will always be fan favorites. This minimalist wallpaper by Krukmeister, one of many, is awesome not just in the way it keeps these iconic water Pokémon instantly recognizable with only the barest of shapes, but in that on your Android smartphone, this is three wallpapers in one. I'm partial to Wartortle (those ears and tail, man!), but depending on your mood, you could have a cute little Squirtle or a cannon-packing Blastoise on your home screen.

Now if only Squirtle had some shades....

Gen I Water Starter Minimalist Vector by Krukmeister

Lapras! Come take me away from this heat!

Lapras, the Transport Pokémon, is one of the many that have remained out of my reach here in hot, hellish Texas. And if Pokémon were real, Lapras would be my home boy. Sure, Pikachu's cut and shoulder-friendly, but Lapras is a beauty and a freaking tank! Not to mention as an ice type, Lapras could help me keep cool in these hot summers while we go float down a river or two… WEAPONIX also has an entire series in this style, so you can find your favorite Original Generation Pokémon to display proudly on your Pokedex — I mean home screen.


Wild Pokémon Living in the City by Ninja-Jamal

Which ones would you catch?

There are Pokémon living all around us...

Okay, maybe they aren't quite this plentiful in the city, and maybe we only have 140 Pokémon from Kanto right now, but it'd be nice to image all these Pokémon are sitting in an alley, waiting for us right now. Especially that Snorlax in the back. Or that poor Jigglypuff that just needs a hug... Don't cry, Jigglypuff! I'll sing with you!

Wild Pokémon Living in the City by Ninja-Jamal

Team Mystic


Team Mystic, aka The Blue Team (and the BEST team), knows no team but the Bird in the North, whose name is Articuno! DABIRDINDANORF was the first team mascot to become catchable in-game with this weekend's Pokémon Go Fest, and I can't wait to get my hands on one! It's icy, it's cool, it's powerful, and in this Texas heat, I'd be dying to have Articuno sharing its chill with me.


Moltres by Tharalin (Team Valor)

What is red can never die

Team Valor can be a bit intense. It's the team that focuses on strength, and defines itself by it. Their emblem and their bird is Moltres, their 'Lord of Light'. If you see a circle of Pokémon GO trainers who shout "Fire and blood!", that would be Valor. It's an intense team, but maybe you've got what it takes...

Moltres by Tharalin (Team Valor)

Zapdos by MrRedButcher (Team Instinct)

There is not shelter from the storm

There is no shelter from the storm.

Yeah, Instinct may not be quite as popular as Valor or Mystic, but can we all agree that the Zapdos above is freaking terrifying? And a legendary bird that commands lightning is not the kind of bird you want to mess with, because unlike the water-hating Moltres or the temperature-challenged Articuno, Zapdos could be anywhere just waiting to short out your phone when you finally corner that Pikachu.

Zapdos by MrRedButcher (Team Instinct)

The Legendary Kindness

Be kind

Lugia and Articuno have made it to Pokémon Go (GO MYSTIC!!!!), but the Legendary that I'm really waiting and hoping for is Entei. Sure, Entei may not be as intimidating as Lugia and the Legendary birds, but I don't keep a Lugia plushie by my bed!

...Uh, yeah, I keep an Entei plushie on my nightstand. And you can keep one on your home screen with this sick wallpaper!

Ara Wagoner

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