Eyes without a face [#acpodcast]

This week, Daniel Bader, Alex Dobie, and Jerry Hildenbrand dissect the technology in Apple’s new iPhone X for a deep dive into wireless charging, facial recognition, and the impact they have the entire smartphone industry. Additionally, LG’s V30 continues to generate buzz in the market while the Galaxy Note 8 is now shipping, and the Pixel 2 is officially set for an October 4th announcement. The crew also talk about Andy Rubin, Vic Gundotra, computational photography, and more!

Jim Metzendorf
  • I wish you guys could get Steve Guttenburg on the show to talk about audio. Might be interesting.
  • Just an FYI. I was happy to listen to your 2 hour podcast. These are always great for my commute. Great job guys
  • Billy Idol!
  • Jerry couldn't Samsung do multiple iris scans so there would be multiple ways to hold up the phone to your face and there wouldn't be just one sweet spot?
  • I'm sure they could, but comparing against multiple iris scans every time you use iris unlock would make the unlock process slower, right?
  • So tired of the internet saying the pixels aren't gonna have a headphone jack.... Then every case maker is wrong ... Go look up "pixel XL 2 case" on Amazon and they all have the headphone jack cutout... Can't believe everyone is believing the hype
  • Lol and the case makers always guess 100% right?
  • "You can't have over-the-air electricity killing people." Good insight, Jerry. :)
  • It's David Lynch's deepest fear.
  • Enjoyed this weeks broadcast! Great job!