Android Central 327: Cutting the cord

This week, we're taking a break from phones to talk about cutting the cord, and saving money in the process.

Phil Nickinson, former EIC of Android Central and recent recipient of award for Most Modern Dad, joins Daniel and Russell to chat about the current landscape of getting rid of cable, and what options are out there.

From the best streaming service — PS Vue, DirecTV Now, Sling and Tivo — to the best TVs, speakers, remotes and internet plans, this podcast covers it all.

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Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Love hearing about this. Watched Phil's video the other day. Me, I have Frontier's 100/100 FIOS ($56/mth) connected to a Windows 7 Pro box, connected to a 65" FHD Insignia non-smart TV. I have Kodi installed on the Windows box, and µTorrent. Also have Amazon Prime ($99/yr). Not a big TV watcher. Occasionally movies. Streamed the St Pete Indy Car race yesterday live on free. Pretty cheap approach for those who really only want internet access. As far as cell service, Project Fi (<$50/mth for 2 lines), usually connected to the homes WiFi.
  • Musically, I should add, I stream Pandora & Jango over the Win 7 box for free. Plan on picking up a pair of Klipsch Heresy III speakers next time I find a killer deal on them. Until then, I'm making do "Russell style" with TV speakers.
  • I cut the cord a few years back. Maybe it's just me but there is very little on TV that piques my interest anymore. So I get off the sofa and do other things instead. When I do want a TV fix, I'll stream some YouTube or a Google Play movie rental on the Nexus Player. I saved about $150/mo after I eliminated the premium cable + DVR and switched to a low cost internet provider with an unlimited data plan. Win-win situation as far as I am concerned.
  • This was a fun podcast, and it was a great tangent in the kind of lull we have between mwc and the s8 release. That being said, I think you all were remiss in not including the Fire TV. I've been a cord cutter for years, from an old Core2Duo HTPC, made it through both Chromecasts, The Roku 2, 3, and then a Roku TV, then a Fire Stick, and ended up with my favorite of all being the Fire TV. Fast interface, android based (Kodi, etc) and all the programs work lightning fast. Alexa built in for voice command, 4k, prime, etc... There's a ton of ways to skin that particular cat, but I'm just surprised you didn't even mention one of the largest contenders in the space. Thanks! Damon
  • I love cable. I'll never get rid of it. Some things are worth paying for to me and cable is one of them.