Android Central 191: The Google I/O 2014 special

We're live from Google I/O 2014 in San Francisco, where we've gotten so much Android news we almost had to ... well, do something. But before we did anything drastic, we decided to podcast. Jerry and Phil break down the Android L Developer Preview, Android One, Android Auto, Android Fit, Android Wear, and a few other things that might or might not have to do with Android.

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Phil Nickinson
  • Podcast! Yes! Brought to you by the Nexus M8
  • Been waiting for this since the keynote ended.
  • Does anyone know if Samsung gear live works with phone other then samsung or samsung only? Posted via Android Central App
  • It absolutely does.
  • Just listened to the entire podcast. It was the very best and most professionally done podcast I've had the pleasure of listening to. The interchange between Phil and Jerry was snappy, clear, focused as well as what seemed like comprehensive coverage of complex information presented in an easy to understand and entertaining way. Kinda reminded me of the entertaining talk radio personalities Ken and Jerry here in Southern California who are experienced and well paid professionals. I feel I learned as much about what was presented at the conference that I wanted or needed to know from this 1 hour podcast. Thanks. Much appreciated.
  • Thanks! :)
  • Crikey that's the most sirens I've ever heard in a podcast. ;) Posted via Android Central App
  • Good job, guys! Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm a big AC fan and respect the opinions of Jerry and Phil a lot so I hope this doesn't come across as flaming but I really felt the need to comment on the part of these podcast relating to the protests. The protest are essentially about the problems that occur when a tech elite (normally middle class and white) become completely divorced from the lives of 'normal' people. I'm afraid this was amply illustrated in this podcast when jerry and Phil made it about themselves and their shock and fear at seeing a peaceful protest interrupt their tech keynote. Again, I say this with all due respect and as an avid reader of Android Central. We can all love tech but there is no excuse for ignoring the problems that our current tech climate create. (I don't have a clue about the killer robot remark, are Google doing anything with drones?) Posted via Android Central App
  • Absolutely agree. Whenever someone says "I don't mean to downplay the protests but ..." you know that what follows is intended to do exactly that. What was really classy was to go on and immediately wonder if women attending the conference were somehow at a heightened risk, thereby implying, by association, that the protestors were potential rapists. It's classic spin doctor behaviour. They associate two concepts in the mind of their listener without expressly linking them and being held accountable for doing so. The reference to killer robots was Google's purchase of Boston Dynamics. Boston Dynamics builds experimental robots for the Pentagon which is researching fully-autonomous weapon systems due the astronomical rates of PTSD amongst drone operators engaged in the US program of "extra-judicial" killing.
  • To broaden this out a little, I think its really depressing that anybody should find peaceful protesting intimidating. I don't say this to de-ligitimise the fear the Phil felt but to point out that standing up and interrupting meetings as a form of protest is as old as the hills. Without wishing to repeat myself, it just shows that people in the tech world really need to engage with the reality of the majority of people. I wasn't aware that Boston Dynamics had any contracts with the pentagon. I don't think Google would ever think it would be in their interests to move into the arms business. That would make a huge percentage of their users look at them in a completely different way. Posted via Android Central App
  • The front page of Boston Dynamics web site lists DARPA, US Army, Navy & Marine Corps as clients. Depending on whether you accept Wikipedia as a valid source BigDog is still under development and is funded by DARPA ( Given that Google's funding a major FUD campaign on this side of the pond in an attempt to undermine EU Human Rights law, you'll have to forgive me if I have a jaundiced view of what Google's capable of. Ultimately they have a responsibility to their shareholders to turn a profit which means they can never be anything other than amoral.
  • The protest are essentially about the problems that occur when a tech elite (normally middle class and white) become completely divorced from the lives of 'normal' people. i don't see how that matters. nor do i see how it is his problem. why is it his fault that people decided not to take care of their credit and such? seems to me like the downside of not owning your own property is that at any time you could be evicted because the land needs to be used for something else. if you don't like it... then buy your own place. i didn't... so i did. i also want to say... why oh why does age and race have to be brought into it. there are good reasons. i was one of seven white boys in an all black school with 2500 students in atlanta. i know the reasons why middle aged white men succeed. but i highly doubt you want to hear them.
  • No I'd very much like to hear them.
  • Ohh I miss that intro music!
  • From a neuroscientific point of view the use of Android Auto, CarPlay or other forms of "hands free" kit won't actually improve safety in vehicles. When talking to someone who isn't physically present the brain subconsciously creates an internal representation of that person. This representation is created using the part of the brain that is used for foresight and prediction of future events. Studies have found that a driver talking on the phone to someone, even when using some form of "hands free" device are as dangerous as someone whose blood alcohol level is many times the legal limit.
  • Phil, I just wanted you to know if no one else told you.. Dodge and Ram are now 2 different companies with Fiat bought Chrysler
  • Ah ha! Didn't know that.
  • cnet got away with showing off the back.
  • Got away with? All you have to do is flip it over. Here's my hands-on.
  • day two hands-ons seemed to be a lot better than day one.
  • Hi as far as bluetooth in the car if your car or radio has a USB connection amazon sells a bluetooth USB stick. It is pretty much plug and play just pair once and your all set.
  • Good stuff. Listening now while @ work.
  • Roman numeral L for 50 makes sense, as Android 5.0
  • Is this audio only? Can't find it on YouTube and the video link above doesn't list it.
  • Yes, it's audio only because Phil and Jerry got together and recorded it around 9-10 pm in SF after the conference Wed so we could quickly get a great summary of Google I/O that day.