PlayStation Vue is raising prices for everyone

What you need to know

  • New customers will pay $5 a month across all of the PSVue plans.
  • Existing customers will be grandfathered for a month or so.
  • Why? Because costs are rising, Sony says.

Few things in life are guaranteed. Death. Taxes. And streaming services increasing their rates at some point.

The latest to do so is Sony's PlayStation Vue. The PlayStation blog dropped the bad news today. Let's break it down:

At PlayStation Vue, we always strive to provide the best live TV viewing experience at the most compelling value to our customers. This includes both the content that is popular with our overall customer base, as well as the key features that make PS Vue the best place to watch.

Gotta love that. Start with the positive, right? This really is all about you, and making your experience better. It's just, ya know, going to cost you more.

With costs rising each year for content, we constantly evaluate each deal to ensure we continue to deliver the content you want while considering the overall value of each package. After reviewing this, we have made the decision to raise the price of all of our multi-channel plans by $5. This change starts today for new customers. Our existing customers will keep their current price for at least 30 days and will see the new price beginning on their first billing cycle on or after July 31.

And here we go. It's not their fault — all this content costs more now! And that's almost certainly true. (In fact, we've said for quite some time that we should expect costs to continue to rise. The "good" — if there's any to be had here — is that current subscribers get a reprieve for a month. But that's about it. The simple fact is that all of PSVue's plans are going to get more expensive by the tune of $60 a year.

We will continue to focus on making PS Vue the premier destination for live TV streaming, with top networks including HBO, FX, HGTV, ESPN, and NFL Network, in addition to over 650 local broadcast stations. The recent addition of beIN Sports, and soon to be launched NHL Network and ACC Network, will ensure PS Vue has the most robust assortment of national sports channels. While PS Vue already offers unique features such as multi-view on PS4 and Apple TV, the most simultaneous streams at home, and conflict-free DVR (all at no additional cost), we will continue developing new integrations and functionality to enhance your TV viewing experience.

Hey, look. I don't argue with any of that. PlayStation Vue has long been an excellent choice, with all sorts of options. But simply restating those options doesn't change the fact that they're now going to cost you more.

We thank all of you for your continued support.

No, thank you, PlayStation Vue.

  • Pretty soon the prices will be more expensive than the cable that everyone wanted to get rid of... 
  • I think all these companies are missing the point. People are dropping cable because of the cost. These services are supposed to be cheaper but they are really losing that advantage with every increase. It's almost getting better to just bundle your TV with your internet. You get close to being cheaper than paying for internet and then these services. All of this reminds me of the music industry during the early 2000's.
  • I don't want nor need access to over 650 local broadcast stations. I want no part of beIN Sports, NHL Network or ACC Network. I do not want nor need more content - as it is, there is too much to even have time to watch. I want the 10 channels I like most, and I want it for the price you originally gave it to me at. So no thank you, Corporate Greed.
  • The thing is, getting "only" X channels for cheap is something the owners of the channels will not allow. Those are the ones who hold the power, not cable companies. The content providers (Disney, Viacom etc) each own lots of stations. They only sell them as a take all or leave it. The situation is made worse by the fact that the cable companies charge me an arm and a leg to have JUST internet. Spectrum wanted to charge me 65 dollars a month just for internet. Or....100 bucks (106 after fees etc) for most of their cable channels. I get more for less. Correct, it's a promotional price. But I've been successful in keeping that price for north of 3 years.
  • The only way this still makes sense is to split the cost with a friend. There are options with much less channels like philio, klowdtv, etc. Soon it'll be better to buy channels directly from the Creators, like we'll soon be able to do with Disney.
  • Check out Philo.