PlayStation Suite coming to Tegra-powered Android devices

NVIDIA and Sony have announced that the latter will be bringing its PlayStation Suite software to Tegra-powered Android phones and tablets later this year. PlayStation Suite was announced at Sony's PlayStation Meeting 2011 earlier this year, and will bring classic PlayStation titles to Android devices along with new games created especially for the platform.

Sony also revealed that certain PlayStation 2 titles will also be making their way to the PlayStation Suite, in addition to PS1 titles, as announced back in January.

The arrival of PlayStation Suite on Tegra devices should clear the way for Sony's rumored S1 tablet, which is said to be due in late 2011 with a Tegra 2 chip and PlayStation support.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Only Tegra devices? That's disappointing. But it's really cool to see that Playstation 2 games will be heading to Android, I thought it was only going to be PS1 and possibly PSP games.
  • I'm pretty sure the Xperia Play has a second gen Snapdragon, so devices with that CPU and possibly others should be supported as well.
  • It'll be interesting to see how much Sony charges for games though. I'm already perfectly happy with FPse for my Playstation emu needs.
  • Totally disappointing if this ends up being only for Tegra chips. Preliminary benchmarks of devices running OMAP4 outperform the Tegra 250 in just about every aspect.
  • win... As for reasons as to why it would be Tegra only, well if Sony is planning to use the Tegra chip in its tablet, then it would have to optimize its games for the hardware. I don't know how much work it would take to optimize and test it for other chip platforms. Plus, the NVidia hardware seems to be getting a major push in mobile devices this year, possibly outselling all other competitors, much the same way Qualcomm's Snapdragon hardware dominated last year.
  • Isn't the Sony Ericsson play going to be snapdragon? How does that work if it is going to have playstation functionality? LOL
  • Article doesn't say ONLY to Tegra devices does it? :)
  • Please let us use ps3 controllers.
  • Evo2 better have tegra..nuff said!
  • Makes me reconsider my T-Bolt... not that I have it yet ;)
    P.S. Please port Monster Hunter, please Sony!
  • 4get the tbolt droid bionic all the way!!!!!!!!
  • My Atrix says thank you:)
  • I don't know why this won't make its way to non-Tegra devices, Most current high-end phones won't have an issue with Playstation1 games. Isn't the Xperia Play a Snapdragon phone?
  • So the Xoom is in. Will see. Looks like. Sony is really taking a shine to Android though.
  • Gargh!
    Netflix on Snapdragon, Play Station on Tegra.
    This is not good for the platform, its not carrier, its not the manufacturer.
    Now we have to educate the average user to also pay attention to the processor?
  • This is great and all but what we need is a way to connect a ps3 controller to our android devices so that we can actually play the games. touchscreen buttons = fail.
  • Xperia play is single core snapdragon. Guess it won't be able to be used on that phone :P