PlayStation announces publishing deal for AAA multiplayer game from Destiny veterans

Firewalk Studios Playstation Partnership
Firewalk Studios Playstation Partnership (Image credit: Sony)

What you need to know

  • PlayStation has partnered with Firewalk Studios to develop a AAA multiplayer game.
  • The team at Firewalk is helmed by former Destiny developers, along with devs that worked on BioShock Infinite, Mass Effect, Apex Legends, and Guitar Hero II.
  • Firewalk did not announce a release date or any details for the project, but this will be the studio's debut title.

PlayStation has announced that it's partnered with Firewalk Studios to develop a AAA multiplayer game on PS5. In a blog post on PlayStation's website, Firewalk Studio Head Tony Hsu said that it will be an original IP, not based in a previous franchise.

Firewalk's team is comprised of veteran developers that have worked on some of the most popular series in gaming. Ryan Ellis, Game Director in the mysterious multiplayer project, served as Creative Director on Destiny. Executive Producer Elena Siegman was a producer on Destiny, BioShock Infinite, and Guitar Hero II. Elsewhere in the studio are employees that worked on Mass Effect and Apex Legends.

The announcement didn't provide any details for the game other than it would be a multiplayer title, though the team wants it to capture those sparks of unpredictable gaming moments that players continue to talk about.

Given Sony's penchant for cinematic blockbuster single-player experiences, some of which are the best games in the business, this partnership seems to be a departure from what it usually creates. PlayStation head Hermen Hulst sees this is a way to diversity its portfolio and explore new horizons.

Speaking with, Hulst said, "I am very interested in creating a diverse slate of titles. Actually, the shape or form that they come in are less interesting to me than the fact that they are differentiated, diverse and distinctive. We tend to work with teams that do have something in common, which is that ambition that the Firewalk team has. But also the fact that [Firewalk] is a very strong, autonomous and, I would say, fiercely daring team... culturally, that's a really good match. So I seek those factors before I go into narrowing it down to genres or gameplay modes. It is more about the experience being differentiated and unique."

There is no currently release date for the unnamed title.

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