The Pixel 3a has garnered a lot of attention in a short amount of time. And rightfully so. It offers one of the market's best smartphone cameras, guaranteed software support, and good overall specs for $400.

In other words, you're essentially getting about 80% of the Pixel 3 experience for half the cost.

That's a fantastic value proposition to people in need of upgrading their old phone, but what if you already have the regular Pixel 3? Depending on who you ask, some people feel kind of cheated by Google.


Why would they release a premium phone, then turn their backs to release a mid ranger with better battery life and the same camera? Am I missing something? Sure, some people really care a lot about water resistance, and a high-res display.. ultimately it feels like the premium is a rip off at this point 😂 at least lower the price or something?

B. Diddy

A few things to remember about the camera on the 3a: 1. There's no Visual Core, so all of the photo processing is done by the main CPU. This means the processing will take longer for each shot, and probably will bog the phone down if you're taking a lot of pictures in succession. 2. Since the CPU is doing all of the work, this will also probably increase overall battery usage if you're...


I have a Pixel 3 and love it, but if i were buying a phone today id probably go for the Pixel 3a XL. I dont feel cheated, i know my current device is premium and works flawless but not being as tech hardcore as most people on this forum i think the 3aXL would fit my needs fine. Plus, i came from iPhone and miss quite a lot about it and could have held onto my 7+ and just bought a 3aXL instead of...


The 3 and 3 XL are just over 1/2-way through their product lifecycle ag just over 6 months. In another 5 months we'll have the 4, which will make the 3 seem like even more of a ripoff. There's a whole lot to like about the 3a and 3a XL, but even beyond the points B. Diddy made, the 3 / 3 XL have more powerful processors, more premium construction (though candidly I'd rather have the plastic...


What about you? If you have a Pixel 3, do you feel ripped off or cheated by the Pixel 3a?

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