• According to sources at 9to5Google and Android Police, the Pixel 3 lineup will begin selling at T-Mobile and Sprint
  • Both of those carriers will also sell the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL
  • Carrier announcements likely coming at Google I/O next week

Google's Pixel lineup has been Verizon exclusive since 2016, and while its phones work on all four U.S. carriers when purchased unlocked, it appears that Google will be expanded its carrier footprint in the U.S.

According to sources at 9to5Google and Android Police, the Pixel 3 and 3a series will be sold at T-Mobile and Sprint, leaving AT&T as the sole outlier (which is odd because AT&T loves phones that don't sell well).

No word on pricing yet, but the Pixel 3 currently sells for $599 at the Google Store (down from $799 when it debuted) and the 3a will likely begin at $399.

Google Pixel Stand ($79 at Best Buy)

The Google Pixel Stand is more than a wireless charging stand — it's designed by Google to turn your phone into a bedside alarm clock that does more thanks to Google Assistant. You'll also be able to enjoy a slideshow of your best photos as your phone charges.

Spigen Liquid Crystal ($10 at Amazon)

For those who love to show off their new phones without compromising on protection, the Spigen Liquid Crystal clear case is a go-to option. This case delivers added protection where it matters most — the edges and corners of the phone — without adding too much extra bulk. Also available for the Pixel 3 XL.

Jabra Move Wireless Headphones ($68 at Amazon)

Google gives you a decent pair of USB-C earbuds with your Pixel 3 along with a 3.5mm dongle for connecting traditional headphones, but if you want to go wireless we'd recommend these Bluetooth beauties from Jabra. These cans are lightweight with an adjustable stainless steel band, making them comfortable to listen to for hours on end.

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