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In pictures: The Motorola Droid Ultra

The Motorola Droid Ultra is the phone Verizon will show you when you walk into a store. The latest in the Droid line, it's bold and fast -- two things Verizon wants you to think of when you put Verizon and Droid together in your head.

It very closely resembles it's brethren, the Droid MAXX and Droid Mini. Think of it as the Moto Droid for the masses, and the one that will carry the most appeal to the average consumer. Being the thinnest smartphone available will help, as will the new "3D" design and the consumer facing features like Active Display that gives you notifications without turning on the screen, and the 5-inch screen itself. The Droid Ultra will be available in both black and red -- we've got a gallery of images of both after the break.

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Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • That red is crazy, but I kind of like it.
  • Agree. Def looks more like Moto's old style, but I prefer it over the X. Well, prior to using either myslef, of course.
  • Yeah, I love my new HTC One, but that is PRETTY!
    It gave me a little bit of a "Phoner"...
  • Haha, nice one Posted via Android Central App
  • I really like the look of this phone, but not SD expandable, and not 1080P screen? Give me a 32GB version and maybe I could see buying this. I know the MAXX is 32, but it's also another $100 for battery, when I charge mine nightly anyway. Did Moto get rid of the HDMI port too?
  • Does the SD Card really mean that much to so many of you?
  • YES!
  • absoluteley! I was anxiously awaiting this phone. now without and SD card expansion, its not nearly as tempting. I'm pretty bummed about that. I have a 64GB SD in my Razr Maxx HD. I guess I'll be sticking with it a while longer.
  • You andriod guys ripped and still do iphone for no sd or removable battery but when google does it you guys say no big deal you guys are morons Posted via Android Central App
  • "Posted via Android Central App" O_o
  • You're the moron. You don't even know how to spell Android lol Posted via Android Central App
  • Siri doesn't know how to spell Android for him:)
  • Lmao Posted via Android Central App
  • The number of phones with SD card slots are just going to get smaller and smaller. Seriously get with the times people. Posted via Android Central App
  • It's going to happen. If Samsung ever loses the clout that they have, over the carriers, then they will get bullied out of using SD card slots, in their flagships. Hell, pure Android doesn't even support SD cards, anymore. Posted via Android Central App
  • Regardless of what I am perceived to say, what I do say is. Go to 32GB as the standard, get rid of the SDcards. The Maxx here is as close to perfect as we can expect except the whole stuck on verizon only thing
  • I've been buying CD's since 1986 so yes a microSD card slot DOES mean that much.
    I probably have at least 700 CD's and I listen too a little bit of everything.
    There's no way I could squeeze any amount of music onto 16GB for it to even be worth doing.
    And that's assuming I don't install a lot of high-end games.
    Apps might not take up a lot of space but some games sure do.
    This phone is an instant non-starter for me.
  • "I've been buying CDs since 1986..." Okay I'm just going to go ahead and stop you right there. I'm pretty sure you're the last person I should be getting advice from on this topic. Posted via Android Central App
  • Lol Posted via Android Central App
  • Why not get All Access and stop buying CD's?!??!>!?!?? Posted via Android Central App
  • OMG So much this! Besides, lets do the math. Average 4MB a song. That is 256 songs per gigabyte. Multiply that by 12 (as there is unlikely exactly 16GB of free space) and you get 3072 songs. Let's make the assumption that one MB equals one minute (which depending on bitrate is about accurate) that is 3072 minutes of music. Let's divide that 60 to get hours. We get 51.2 hours of music without having to repeat a track and not sleeping for just over two days. I think conservatively it would still take a week to listen to each song unless you never have reason to sleep or pull the ear bud out, ever. Or... Just use Google Play Music and have at least 20,000 songs with you no matter where you go.
  • I fails the math. It should be 3072*4=number of minutes of music.
  • Which gives us just over 12 days of constant music without repeating. 12GB of music is a lot of effin music.
  • None of my mp3's are as small as 4MB.
    Even the songs I purchased from Amazon are not that small.
    The smallest mp3 I have is about 5.5MB and most are at least double that.
    Not every one like to rip their music at 128kbps. You also need space for apps and games.
    Apps might be small but there are some games that are 500MB and larger. Also not everybody loves streaming...
  • Not sure. I needed one for my DROID 4 with its 8GB of storage. Since I don't carry around my entire music library with me, 16GB may be enough for day to day use.
  • ilhe1s says: Does the SD Card really mean that much to so many of you? Posted on Jul 23 2013 | 1:54 pm - 1 hour ago
    ___________________________________________________________________________________ ***DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!***
  • YES. I have a MaxxHD with 32gb on board with with currently 17 available which I use for apps and movies/tv shows that I stream to my TV. Plus a 32gb sd card with only 7gb available where I keep all my music, photos and home movies. I do need to copy a lot of that to a hard drive at some point but do like having them with me to show family. Do I need that much room, not all the time but I certainly like not having to worry about it. Sort of like my unlimited data plan. I could probably modify my downloading habits to accommodate a tiered family plan but I much prefer having to not worry about it. Battery, the same thing. 3300mah=24hrs of use, 64gb of memory=storage of anything I want, unlimited data plan self explanatory and not having to worry about any of it, priceless:)
  • Probably would go MAXX if it was available in red. But I have to buy my phone outright to save my unlimited, even though they will still charge me for the subsidy, but, hey, what can you do...
  • I will gladly exchange 1080p for 720p for increased battery life.
  • This. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yes, let's stop the PPI war at about 250ppi and lower screen energy requirements instead! Posted via Android Central App
  • Noooooooooooooooooooo! I'd prefer better battery and processor tech, personally. High rez screens and really enjoyable.
  • I'm sold on the look but have to try the experience.
  • Where is the HTC One? Is the ultra and maxx same screen size? Where are the full specs Posted via Android Central App
  • on the website. They do appear to be the same screen size
  • We need specs please :) Especially on-board memory. I don't care so much about screen resolution. I'd rather have the batter life.
  • Verizon has the specs on their site. Motorola, too. Check the forums. They're there as well.
  • They are very sleek looking devices but no 1080p display is puzzling to me. No expandable memory is how Motorola will be from now on. Google doesn't support expandable memory and they own Motorola so I'm not sure why everyone keeps freaking out when these new Moto devices do not have expandable memory. Expandable memory has become a thing of the past. That being said, expandable memory is not a bad thing and if a device has it, that's definitely a bonus. It appears Google/Moto is sticking with 16gb as their default internal memory which understandable upsets many people. But after all, they have to push the cloud!
  • yea but the cloud is not practical yet with these uber expensive data plans as well as those same data plans being capped. Especially if you plan on streaming lossless music content.
  • Oh I completely agree. I only use the cloud services to back up important photos and such.
  • Both are 5", 720p displays. Both have two 1.7GHz S4 Pro processors and 2GB of RAM. Ultra is 7.2mm, Maxx is 8.5mm. Ultra has 2130Mah battery, Maxx has 3500Mah. Ultra has 16GB of storage, Maxx has 32GB. Both have Qi wireless charging. Posted via Android Central App
  • thats ridic...the s4 has a better battery life than the ultra? beautiful phones, they look badass and seem cool and all...up next moto x. just another week
  • The Ultra has better life than the S4 because it only has 2 cores dedicated to apps and less pixels to power (that you can't really noticed anyway) Posted via Android Central App
  • Motorola's site doesn't mention Qi for the Ultra. Maybe they took it out in favor of thinness? On their site under "power". Any other sources for this?
  • I love Droid phones but I hate Verizon. Sent from my HTC One
  • Jerry, can you explain the 3D design thing? It seems to be a selling point yet it doesn't seem very well explained.
  • The class is curved like some if the Nokia Lumias. Posted via Android Central App
  • Where's the white one?
  • A high end phone without 1080p screen is boring... No SD is a bummer but no surprise as Google does not do it on their Nexus line. Surprised it does not have on-screen buttons...
  • Some people like to be lead on a leash.. Dominated.. and Told what to do. 1) Boot Locked Tighter Than Fort Knox.
    2) CDMA.. Nuff Said.
    3) Forever stuck at 16 Gb. Beautiful Phone.. Choked & Strangled by it's Master's Google & Verizon.. Too Bad.
  • If you hate Google so much why are you on these forums? Posted via Android Central App
  • It is not Google he hates, he is a T-Mobile fan, almost to Richard Yarnell proportions
  • NoNexus says: It is not Google he hates, he is a T-Mobile fan,
    ___________________________________________________________________________________ As You Can See,
    Nonexus is one of my minion's... and speaks well of me. Gawd Yes.. I LOVE T-Mobile for saving me HUNDREDS of $ a year on my Phone Plan. But I do not hate Google in the least.. If they are YOUR Master and you Worship them, all is well in YOUR World. They don't Control my World, and they do not dominate this forum.. My opinion of their dictatorship over how Motorola will now FOREVER build their devices is just that MY OPINION.
  • jwyche007 says: If you hate Google so much why are you on these forums?
    I'll Answer That Question.. Because.. My opinion matters.
    If you don't agree with it.. That's fine.. No worries here.
    I guess.. when it comes down to it, I'm SPOILED. Spoiled By: Having Access to My Phone's Battery to change it at will.
    Spoiled By: Not having my Bootloader Clamped Down in a vise.
    Spoiled By: Having the option of an SD Card Slot.
    Spoiled By: Being able to Root, and make my 64 Gb SD Card my Primary Storage.
    Spoiled By: Samsung. That's why they are #1 as far as the Android Market is concerned.
    They are Kind & Gentle Masters.. That LISTEN to the needs of Many.. & The One.
  • 1) Your average consumer doesn't care about a bootloader or even know what one is. 2) Your average consumer doesn't care about CDMA vs GSM. If anything, the consumer purchasing this phone will, likely, live, work, or, generally, be near an area that has decent to excellent LTE coverage. 3) Your average consumer doesn't need more than 16GB of on-board storage. Posted via Android Central App
  • I wonder if the average customer needs a smartphone in the first place?;) I don't think smartphones should be made for Joe Average, in that case we can stop the development immediately and remain stuck on the same level as the Galaxy Nexus or iPhone 4 - they just don't need anything else.
  • You make a valid point lol There has to be a balance, stricken between the average user and the techie. That's why the technology is still advancing (1080p, quad core), but we're starting to see some things disappear (removable battery, expandable storage). It's difficult to make everyone (average user and techie) happy. Posted via Android Central App
  • Let's leave Apple out of this, shall we?
  • Are they still using crapoled?
  • Looks like shit, my next phone will have speakers on the front. THIS IS WHAT THE BEST PHONE EVER MADE SHOULD HAVE!!!
    *1080 high resolution screen
    *18 megapixel back camera
    *front facing camera with zoom & 8 megapixel
    *front stereo boom boom speakers
    *SD card storage
    *Gotta be bad ass looking!!!!!!!! Did i miss anything?
  • *your own company
    *your own manufacturing
  • * replace 4.7 with 5+in you girlie man Posted via Android Central App
  • Really. Samsung Galaxy S4. I just love that phone. Posted via Android Central App
  • And I love the HTC One. I look forward to comparing the displays though - maybe 720p won't be so far off. Will look forward to AC doing a comparison of sorts.