The Nothing Phone (2a) design just got revealed in a sneaky way

The Nothing Phone 2a billboard in London.
(Image credit: Nothing / X)

What you need to know

  • Following full design leaks of the Nothing Phone 2a, the company has official revealed the smartphone's design. 
  • Billboards and posters for the Phone 2a have popped up in London, and a game on X also shows off the smartphone.
  • Nothing's official launch for the Phone 2a, which is a budget-oriented device, is slated for March 5.

Nothing has been slowly teasing the Phone 2a ahead of its official release, but leakers spoiled the fun in recent weeks. After two separate leakers claimed to have the Nothing Phone 2a's design, Nothing finally confirmed what the phone's exterior would look like. A series of London billboards started popping up yesterday, and another tweet today gave us a closer look at Phone 2a. 

Though some suspected that the alleged design leaks that surfaced over the past few weeks weren't the real thing, Nothing's recent Phone 2a promos have confirmed that they were indeed correct. The smartphone sports a much smaller Glyph Interface with just three light strips. There's also the horizontal rear camera system, which houses dual cameras that look a bit like eyes. 

Nothing has played into the idea of Phone 2a having "eyes" and using the tagline "Fresh Eyes" in promotional content on social media. The company also pointed out what could be other sets of eyes on Nothing phones. 

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The best official look we've gotten at the Phone 2a yet came in the way of a game-like post on X (formerly Twitter). In the post, Nothing included four moving GIFs of different parts of Phone 2a. To line them up and reveal the full Phone 2a, users will need to line each piece up by pausing each GIF at the right moment. If you want to save yourself the trouble, prior leaks look to be an exact match to the official Phone 2a renders.

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Nothing also shared an augmented-reality unboxing of Phone 2a in London. In the video posted to X, the Phone 2a jumps out of the box on a billboard, revealing the smartphone's design. This was our first look at the phone's design, and the moving GIFs came after to provide a closer look. 

There are also other billboards and posters throughout London, where Nothing has a flagship physical retail store. Aside from the phone's design, Nothing also confirmed that the Phone 2a uses a MediaTek Dimensity 7200 Pro chip that is said to be optimized by Nothing. 

The official launch for the Nothing 2a is set for March 5.

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