OnePlus 12R doesn't support UFS 4.0 as advertised, the company confirms

OnePlus 12R review
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What you need to know

  • OnePlus 12R 256GB model is touted as a UFS 4.0 storage variant during the launch.
  • The company has now apologized and promptly made changes to the device 
  • The statement comes amidst several users alleging OnePlus for falsely advertising the device.

The OnePlus 12R, with 256GB, was advertised as a faster storage variant with UFS 4.0 interface. However, a recent Antutu test from a Reddit user proved that the company made a mistake, and its representative has now confirmed the same.

OnePlus introduced Trinity Engine — a set of software algorithms that claims to keep its phones running smoother for extended periods. It further allows users to launch their apps faster and keep them locked open for up to 72 hours. OnePlus then stated that the Trinity Engine would work flawlessly on UFS 4.0 storage variants, OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R (256GB) in this case.

The Reddit post claimed that the OnePlus 12R 256GB storage variant and the Antutu tests revealed that the device doesn't feature UFS 4.0 but the UFS 3.1 instead.

Several users on X soon picked up on this, alleging that OnePlus had falsely advertised the 12R as featuring a faster storage option. The comments section within the Reddit post (screenshot posted by Noah Cat on X) further showcased that a OnePlus support representative confirmed the absence of UFS 4.0 to a OnePlus 12R user.

After all the fiasco over the weekend, OnePlus released an update through its community post confirming the absence of UFS 4.0 on the OnePlus 12R, stating "they made a mistake with their communications."

However, the OnePlus 12R featuring UFS 3.1 storage would still support Trinity Engine and have all the features announced at the launch. The company also quickly changed the 256GB storage option featuring UFS 4.0 to UFS 3.1 in the device specs sheet on the OnePlus website.

Although OnePlus prmptly corrected its mistake quickly and apologized, the phone's lack of UFS 3.1 in 2024 is a disadvantage, particularly given its higher mid-range pricing point.  However, it's unlikely that the typical user would notice this right away, as the UFS 3.1 interface is seen in older OnePlus phones, such as the OnePlus 9, and budget Pixel phones, like the Pixel 7a and even the older Pixel 6a.

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