Nothing update aims to correct Phone (2) Glyph music sync and freezing

The Glyph lights illuminated on the back of a Nothing Phone (2)
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Nothing pushed a patch for its Phone (2), which aims to solve its Glyph lighting problems with music sync following its OS 2.5 rollout.
  • Some users report a better musical playback experience while another states their lights are shutting off even though their music is still playing.
  • The patch also aims to solve freezing caused by the App Locker.

Nothing is starting the year off with a small hot fix that's aimed at solving some problems with its latest flagship phone.

As detailed by Nothing, update 2.5.1a is rolling out to all Phone (2) devices with a 50MB download size. The first fix involves correcting the "Glyph light playback effect when synchronizing with your device’s audio." However, this fix seems to have a mixed-bag effect on users. Some users commented that the company has rectified the issue with the Phone (2)'s Glyph lighting during music playback as it's much brighter and features a more efficient sync.

Another user reports this hot-fix has done the opposite for the sync playback feature. For them, their Glyph lights are shutting off even while music is still playing.

The change-log ends by stating the update aims to "resolve freezing issues caused by the App Locker in certain scenarios."

Nothing adds that they're "staggering" this rollout, meaning everyone won't see this update simultaneously. It'll be worth giving it a few days before seeing it. If you're curious to see if the update is available for you, head into your phone's Settings > System > System Updates.

The update continues to refine Nothing;'s 2.5 OS, which rolled onto the Phone (2), introducing its Android 14 skin to users. Various customization options were included in that update for the Home Screen and Lock Screen, specifically. Users could sift through background effects such as glass while also experiencing a new monochrome UI theme.

The update also featured a focus on the Phone (2)'s Glyph Progress system by integrating Google Calendar into the fold. Users could keep track of their saved events alongside new Glyph Timer support.

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