Nothing OS 2.5 (Android 14) rolls out to Phone (2) owners

The home screen of the Nothing Phone (2) with pink icons and wallpaper
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Nothing OS 2.5 stable build is rolling out to the Phone (2) users.
  • The Android 14 update brings more features and new additions to the Glyph interface.
  • Phone (1) users are expected to receive the first Open Beta soon.

After bringing a bunch of betas of the Nothing OS 2.5, the company is releasing the stable build to its Phone (2) starting today. The new update should be a significant transition from Nothing OS 2.0 as it finally brings Android 14 officially to its flagship device.

Nothing OS 2.5 features many customization options, starting with a joint Home Screen and Lock Screen customization, which is very familiar to Pixel phone users. Further, a new atmosphere wallpaper effect brings dynamic effects to the Home Screen and Lock Screen when users set a wallpaper. 

Additionally, users can choose a unique glass wallpaper effect for their wallpapers. Solid color wallpapers alongside a monochrome color theme are also added with the latest update.

The recent Pixel 8 Pro lock screen shortcuts are now available on the Nothing OS 2.5. The shortcut options include Do Not Disturb, Mute, QR code scanner, and video camera. Then there are gestures, which include a customizable double-press button and three-finger swipe gesture for screenshots, accompanied by a new screenshot editor and menu.

The Glyph Interface, which is unique to Nothing phones, is also getting some updates per the changelog released by Nothing, here are the notable changes that one can find on their Phone (2):

  • Glyph Progress integration for Google Calendar. Keep track of your upcoming events with a 5-minute countdown on the Glyph Interface.
  • Glyph Timer now supports time presets, allowing you to quickly set your desired duration.
  • You can now access Glyph Timer directly from the lock screen without unlocking the device.
  • Added an option to open the Glyph Timer popup by tapping instead of holding to accommodate for the Quick Settings widget.
  • Added a new Glyph animation for when NFC is being used.
  • Improved the experience of Flip to Glyph

Other notable improvements with the update include weather app optimizations and a refreshed back gesture, which now has a visual arrow incorporating the Nothing style. Phone (2) users can now set ringtone and notification volume separately, and the update also includes general system-wide and stability improvements to the camera.

Lastly, new widgets accompany the Nothing OS 2.5 update, including a new Pedometer widget used to track daily steps on the Home Screen. Media player and screen time widgets are the latest additions in the most recent update, although users must update their Nothing launcher and Nothing Widgets from the Google Play Store to utilize these widgets.

Nothing OS 2.5 is currently being rolled out to Phone (2) users, although it will be a staggered rollout, so it may not immediately appear on your device. Nothing says this is to monitor any potential issues and "ensure a smooth and stable deployment."

Meanwhile, Nothing assures Phone (1) owners that they will receive the first Open Beta very soon.

Vishnu Sarangapurkar
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