Motorola rollable phone gets demoed, offering a more compact design

The Motorola Edge (2022) booting up showing the Motorola logo
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What you need to know

  • A Motorola rollable phone was demoed at Lenovo Tech World 2022.
  • The phone extends vertically rather than horizontally like we've seen with other prototype phones.
  • Videos played on the device can adapt to its rolled out state or smaller unrolled form.

A potential rollable Motorola phone gets demoed at Lenovo Tech World 2022.

Lenovo uploaded a video of Luca Rossi, President of Lenovo's Intelligent Device group, as he showed off a few products during the showcase. One of the products that could make its way into consumers' hands in the future is a rollable phone.

As Rossi took out the proof of concept from his jacket's pocket, we can begin to see how tiny the phone is without being fully rolled out. He then appears to press a button on the phone's side with his thumb two times to initiate the rollout. Motorola's product demo extends vertically instead of horizontally, which is what we've seen with other prototype rollable phones, such as the LG Rollable or OPPO X 2021.

We're then treated to a demo of the phone rolling out while a video is playing. As stated by Luca Rossi, content can "dynamically adjust to the device as it expands and collapses."

There was a rumor earlier this year that pointed toward Motorola reportedly looking into debuting its own rollable phone. The phone is suggested to have the codename "Felix" and would extend vertically rather than horizontally, as we're seeing in this product demo at Lenovo's convention.

If you think about it, a rollable phone that extends upward rather than to the sides fits along with Motorola's strategy for foldable phones, such as the Razr 2022, which we're still eagerly waiting for in global markets. The company seems more interested in keeping phones compact rather than giving users more screen real-estate, which is an interesting take, while Samsung and others are seemingly trying to go bigger with their large-screen foldable phones.

While Motorola's rollable phone does look to be well along in development, we'll have to continue waiting to see if and when it comes with something more official.

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