If you love your Galaxy Z Flip 3, it's time to put a ring on it

Lisade ring case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
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If you're a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 owner, you know how downright gorgeous the phone looks. That two-tone look complete with the flippin' awesome form factor turns heads everywhere it goes, but the question is, can you hold onto it for long? Better put a ring on it with this great ring case that's on sale for Prime Day for 31% off!

Yes, that means you can get this great green leather-clad case with a fancy gold ring for just over $10 today while it's still on sale. If lavender is more your style, that color is 22% off for Prime Day, so while it's not quite as inexpensive as the green model, you certainly can't put a price on the right color for you.

Now, while you might imagine a case with a superfluous-looking ring is just for looks, you'd be wrong. That ring acts as a phone grip that'll help you catch the phone if you ever accidentally lose your grip on it. Just loop it around your middle or ring finger while using the phone and it'll be ready to catch it in the event of an emergency, likely preventing a catastrophe from occurring.

When the Z Flip 3 is closed, the ring doubles as a way to hang the phone on a bag or belt loop with the right clip or strap. Plus, the tempered glass camera lens and outer screen protector is built into the case, so you get full outer protection without having to deal with adhesives or other annoying installation.

Lisade ring case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: $20 $13.10 at Amazon

Lisade ring case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: $20 $13.10 at Amazon
Available in both green and lavender, this gorgeous case for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will keep your phone looking good and add an all-important grip ring to the equation.

If a ring isn't your thing, maybe a strap will do? This one looks a whole lot like the official Samsung strap case for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 but it's a heck of a lot less expensive and has that built-in tempered glass protector for the outer display and cameras.

Only the black and green colorways are on sale for Prime Day but the price of the other colors isn't all that much more. At $16, these cases are a great deal and offer excellent protection, look snazzy, and have that important strap to help you hold tight onto the phone.

Lisade strap case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: $20 $16 at Amazon

Lisade strap case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: $20 $16 at Amazon
This 20% discount on a great case is nothing to scoff at. Strap yourself in and grab $15 so you can experience a whole new way to hold your Galaxy Z Flip 3.

These are just some of the many Prime Deal smartphone sales you'll find today. Make sure you get what you need before time runs out!

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